Fancy getting perfect Cara Delevigne esq brows in under two minutes? Well so do I!

In my opinion, naturally perfect brows are nearly impossible to have or achieve. That first day after threading/waxing or tweezing (whatever your poison may be) is the freshest look that you will achieve and after that, it’s all downhill! Whether it’s a bit of brow gel (or Vaseline for the quick fix), an eye pencil, or shadow…there is always something extra to be done. Seriously speaking, it’s a pain and an ongoing battle and not just all down to over plucking as a teenager. I mean as women, we spend so much time trying to get rid of hair where it is not wanted yet where you actually want it is the one place there isn’t. Now the one and only solution that I can think of is semi-permanent makeup like a tattoo which can solve that daily take of filling in those brows. If like me you’re a total wuss when it comes to pain, then well that’s out of the window as I introduce to you…drumroll please….Wunderbrow!


Created with the intention to offer a natural looking colour that blends in with your natural eyebrow hair that lasts for days, Wunderbrow uses exclusive hair fibre complex. Its unique patented Permafix technology does wonders to fill and define your eyebrows that lasts until you decide to take it off using an oil-based cleanser. It is waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof (I mean I’m sold already!). Wunderbrow comes in four shades: blonde, auburn, brunette and dark brown/ black.



Mrs J’s verdict – Now I’m going to be honest and say that I was totally sceptical about this product. I just didn’t see it working and was hesitant about what the result would be after using what looks like mascara with a tiny paint brush end. Creating the look: after cleaning the eye area, I painted, shall we say, the area where I wanted to achieve the full eyebrow effect. Now this is not for the faint hearted as you need a steady hand and must plan ahead what you want to cover. Why? You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are trying to make each brow even and as you do, well, they are just getting bigger and bigger! My tip would be to start from the out going in and this is only if you are comfortable with your eyebrow shape and think less is more! Once you have covered the area, use the clean mascara wand provided to comb through the hair of the brow and create a clean shape. The solution dries in minutes and your brows are good to go. I was comfortable with the overall feeling of the dry solution, it felt a bit like some of the wax/brow products that are on the market right now, fully holding my brows in place. My one concern was over-painting. Turned out, was not an issue at all as a bit of an oil-based eye makeup remover on an ear bud can swiftly wipe off any excess and your brows are ready. Ordinary non-oil-based cleaner won’t remove them so the desired look literally does stay put for a few days. Will this replace my everyday routine? No, but it will definitely become a staple for when I know I have a few busy days coming up and ultimately I will save me some valuable time that I can spend snoozing in bed. The one thing I would add is if you’re trying to grow out your brows then this is the perfect companion to do so with, allowing you to create that full look overnight!

Wunderbrow is £19.95 and can be bought here.

Mrs J xx

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