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Do you wear a watch?  I’m guessing that if I asked this question in a survey I would probably get a 50/50 response. I’ve noticed that the more fashion conscious, practical or nostalgic amongst us will have one firmly attached to their wrist, whilst others will simply use their mobile phones. Watches are not necessary in this day and age, but I personally have always loved wearing a watch. I remember feeling like a proper adult when my dad bought me my first swatch watch (which I think I still have stored away somewhere)! So when I came across Shore projects which is  a new watch brand, I thought I would share their tale on my blog and maybe inspire non watch users to indulge in a new purchase (or encourage watch collectors to  add to their collections)

Shore Projects is a brand that was created by a group of friends that noticed one day that none of them actually wore watches.  These watches have a unisex design that is inspired by an out doorsy lifestyle and the British seaside. Each watch design is influenced by a vintage design, and for you swimmers/ divers they are waterproofed up to 100m. The watches also come with the option of interchangeable straps.

So how does it work?

First you choose your watch! Shore projects currently have their project one collection live with a choice of four watches available: Poole, Whitstable, Portland, and St Ives.  Each watch face comes in a choice of either brushed Silver or brushed Gold, White or Charcoal face and a range of Straps


Poole – £115


St Ives – £115



Whitstable – £115

ShoreProjects_Portland_216x465Portland – £115

To view the project One collection click here.

If one strap is simply not enough then why not build your own gift box by selecting your watch of choice and choosing three additional straps, all for £170.

To build your own Gift Box watch click here.

Mrs J xx

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