Wake up happy with a Lumie Bodyclock

Hate waking up in the mornings?  Find it hard to get to sleep?  Then welcome to my club.

Before I share my experiences on the Lumie Bodyclock I want to share with you all a story.  Many moons ago it was my second Jonas family Christmas (my in laws).  By then the family knew me well and were well aware of my sleep issues especially Mr J who was probably slightly fed up of my constant moaning about being tired!  Historically i’m not known to be the best sleeper in the world, 6 hours a night is a good nights sleep, and lie ins after 9am on the weekends are a miracle.  Lack of sleep for those of you that experience the same issues as me is exhausting!  Back to the story…. so this particular Christmas day after another bad sleep I was greeted with a family intervention of sleep aid gifts. A lovely Hop Pillow from Mr J senior, Some Neals Yard Remedies to Roll from Mrs J senior and finally a Lumie Body Clock from Mr J.  Needless to say that the next day everyone was waiting in anticipation to see if I’d had a good nights sleep….which I did!


lumie 2

Lumie BodyClock Starter 30 Wake Up Clock – £60

To Buy Click Here

The Lumie Bodyclock is simply the nicer way to start your day.  There is nothing more annoying than being jolted up and out of a deep sleep by your alarm to a dark room, it’s my saviour during the Autumn Winter months. The Lumie Body clock is one of the more simple clocks from the Lumie range, gradually waking you up out of your deep sleep to a 30 min sunrise.  If you want to wake up at 7am the sunrise starts from 6.30am.  If you really struggle in the mornings then there is the additional alarm feature that you can set to ring should you need to.  I generally found that after a week of using the alarm I tended to wake up before the full sunrise and didn’t need it anymore.  If your not totally sold yet then maybe the 30 min sunset function will convince you.  I am a product of my own environment, checking facebook/ Twitter/ Instagran/ Pinterest etc in bed on your phone can literally make you forget to go to sleep, or become the vicious cycle that prevents you from falling asleep.  Therefore the rules have been set (by Mr J) – No social media after eleven. So come half ten when the Lumie Sunset is set, the night time tea has been drunk and the iphone is hidden away I’m usually dreaming away.

If you fancy trying any of the sleep aids mentioned above, check out the links below:

Kentish Hop and Lavender Sleep Pillow £19.50 – To Buy click here.

Remedies to Roll Night Time by Neals Yard £6.25 – To buy click here.

and a few additional extras:

Eye Sleep Mask by EcoTools £4.99 – To buy click here.

Ear plugs by Boots £6.99 – To buy click here.


Mrs J xx

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