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The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirl-wind. I was thinking about entering the next ‘Great British Lip balm Competition’, trying and testing ideas to get through to the semifinals and then to the finals.  So whilst I have been asking all my family, friends and literally everyone I know to vote for me, I felt it was only fair that I shared my journey to the finals with you. I shall start from the beginning.

Way back in March I spotted the Bee Good competition online that required any creative beauty bloggers to create their own lip balm flavour.  You could be as experimental as you wished but must remember that the chosen flavour would have to appeal to the mass market, as Bee Good intended to produce the flavour and sell it online and in Waitrose stores.  Now I’m sure you are all familiar with Waitrose, our high street supermarket chain, but are you familiar with Bee Good?

Bee Good is a British based skincare company that started on the kitchen table of bee keeper Simon and wife Caroline in 2008. Whilst Simon attended to his bee hives, his wife Caroline made use of the left over honey and beeswax to start producing what would become some of Bee Good’s award winning products.  Whilst Bee Good started out small and have continued to grow over the years they have remained true to their roots as they say, continuing to combine ingredients from botanicals and British bee hives. However, what really pushed me to enter this competition was reading about how Bee Good continued to promote, help and support the protection of British bees.  Simon, an experienced bee keeper, promotes and teaches bee keeping to the younger generation to keep beekeeping alive and the importance of bees very much in the fore-front of our minds.  If you’re not wowed yet then you’ll be happy to hear that every year Bee Good gives back some of their profits to support bee keeping causes in the UK.  To view the Bee Good collection click here. To read more about Bee Good’s philosophy, click here.

Back to the competition… On the weekend that I decided that I was going to enter this competition. I and Mr J had perfectly timed a weekend to visit Mr J’s parents in the lovely green countryside. There I discussed in great depth with Mrs J Senior what plants and herbs would work well and what the Bee Good and Waitrose customer’s might like. We even experimented on some fresh Lime Blossom tea to see how it would smell. After a few more days of deliberation, I finally submitted my idea of Lime Blossom and Honey.

There were various reasons why I chose Lime Blossom and Honey.  Firstly, I wanted to find an ingredient that was native to Britain, would compliment honey and continue to support the Bee Good company Ethos of being the only British premium skincare brand to exclusively use British beeswax, honey and propolis in their products. Secondly, Lime Blossom or the Linden Tree, which is commonly found in Europe and Eastern North America –  is said to have natural anti-cold, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, healing properties. It also has a distinctive, exotic floral smell that is not over powering but quite understated.  Which is why so many perfumers have tried to capture its scent or have made a sole perfume based on it. One example being Jo Malone’s- French Lime Blossom. Thirdly, I wanted to use a flavour that hasn’t been used in any of the Bee Good products before, one that would attract new customers but also allow existing loyal customers to try something fresh and new.

It was later in April that I found out that I had made it to the Semi Finals! I had the great opportunity to present my idea to the Bee Good team, and the Waitrose Buying and PR teams at the Waitrose Head Office on the 8th of May where we, all got to try a prototype of each other’s flavours (mine’s below).

Then the rest they say is history, as Lime  Blossom and Honey has made it through to the final stage.  So now I need your help and your vote! Please vote for Mrs Jonas Recommends and Lime Blossom & Honey as your next Great British Lip Balm.

You can vote here.

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(voting closes on Friday the 26th of June, and the winner will be announced on Monday the 29th of June)

Mrs J xx

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