Visibly Clear with Neutrogena

Yes I’m visibly clear (she says laughing, whilst checking if my makeup is still firmly in place). You’ll know from my previous posts that I love trialling and testing new things. Maybe it is not the most ideal thing to do but that is because when I use something for a long period of time, it just stops working. Personally, that is what I found out but more than likely, it is because my skin is changing (yes I’m getting older). Factoring in pollution and the ever changing British weather, no wonder sometimes my skin wants to have a bit of fun with me. A few weeks ago on one of these so called fun sessions I decided to try something new – a few items from the Visibly Clear Neutrogena range.


Time for a few myth vs truth facts.

Myth: The more expensive the product/brand, the better it is for your skin.

Truth: That is total and utter rubbish! Whether something works or don’t work for you is down to a number of contributing factors of which a few are: your actual skin type (i.e. are you using the correct product or just making the issue worse), your diet and general wellbeing, your environment, etc. A normal high street brand can work as well as something found in the aisles of Selfridges.

Myth: Spots are caused by eating too much chocolate.

Truth: No! If you ate just chocolate then yes, it could be a factor, but as the sole contributor? It is not. A healthy balanced diet is the key here.

Myth: Spots are caused by wearing makeup. (This is one of my favourite statements. Even my mum used to say this a lot)

Truth: Again it’s not true! We could all go makeup free but that won’t stop a spot appearing. Spots are caused via a mixture of oil and dead skin cells, stress, hormones and general environment/lifestyle. Yes, makeup doesn’t cause spots as long as you let your skin breathe (mine does when I’m sleeping) and you thoroughly clean your face twice a day. You see, makeup can really be your friend.

So what’s so great about the visibly clear range (apart from the colourful bottle and grapefruit smell)? For me it’s how it feels on the skin and how clean my skin feels after washing. The daily foaming wash is light and great for using first thing in the morning or in the shower. Its consistency is gentle which is just what you need so that you don’t strip away the goodness from your skin. The normal facial wash is still oil free but more effective at unclogging pores by removing any traces of oil and any dead skin cells leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy. Best of all, the whole range is totally affordable:

Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash* – £4.69  – Neutrogena have teamed up with designer Danielle to create an exclusive limited edition design. The Pink Grapfruit Facial wash is a part of the range and  is inspired by Memphis, an Italian design and architectural movement from the eighties that championed bold colours and a surreal style. Danielle combines this with a modern take on camouflage to create the fresh and eye-catching new design.

Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Foaming Wash* – £4.49

Visibly Clear Spot Clearing Facial Wash* – £4.99

Whilst my skin is not totally clear to the naked eye, it’s currently visibly clear ;-).

If there are three top tips I can give to spot sufferers, they are:

1.Wash your hands before you touch your face.

2.Don’t lean on your hands, especially if you haven’t done point one.

3.Clean your phone! We all forget about our mobile phones but they have been in the bottom of your bag, constantly touched by our dirt spreading hands and then we take the device to our faces!

What are your visibly clear tips?

Mrs J xx


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