Vetiver Insolent By Miller Harris

Perfumes mean many different things to different people. For some, wearing a perfume is something they do on a daily basis becoming a part of their identity that people associate that smell with that person. For others it’s about evoking memories and remembering special occasions. For me, as I have written about before, it defines my mood or expectations for the day. And by that I mean if it’s a summer day, I am likely to opt for something light and fresh. If I’m going out in the evening, I may go for more of a seductive scent. During the winter, I like to opt for stronger or manly fragrances. With all that said though, I actually know nothing about perfumes and how they are created. My decision-making when choosing a perfume simply goes on the rule of whether I like it or not. So when I was invited by Miller Harris to join them at their boutique store in Mayfair for an evening of fragrance discovery and to hear about the launch of their new perfume, Vetiver Insolent, I was ready to discover my fragrance journey.

Miller Harris

Miller Harris was created by Lyn Harris, an elite perfumer with training from one of Paris’s most highly prestigious schools of perfume and over twenty years experience of working in the fragrance industry. Just walking into Miller Harris’s London boutique makes you feel as if you have stepped into a fragrance secret garden. To set the mood, there are some of Miller Harris’s popular candles burning in the background, raw ingredients sitting in small pots for you to smell, and pure fragrances for you to have smell off. With armchair nicely located in the corner, it’s quite tempting to take a seat and have a good read whilst taking in the aromas. Now I’m getting slightly distracted here so back to the event in question.

During the evening of the event, the perfume masters guided us through the Miller Harris Collection and talked us through how these beautiful scents were created and how the fragrance pyramid works! Now if you have totally lost me then let me go into further detail. The fragrance pyramid splits out the various ingredients that are used to make perfume descriptors into notes: The Top, the Heart (the middle of the perfume) and the Base. The top notes are typically what you would smell first from a perfume. Then once the scent has lingered, another sniff will bring out the base notes, etc. The one sole fact that I was not aware of at all was that the same scent can smell totally different on different people due to the scent adapting to the individual’s body chemistry! Interesting right? Hence the next time you go to buy a perfume make sure you try it on yourself first as opposed to buying it as it smelt nice on someone else. Now I’ve been a fan of Miller Harris since I discovered them last year and one of their signature scents, Citron Citron, is the perfect fresh summer scent. What I like about the brand is that each scent is made to be unisex and they only make perfumes, which means that a little goes a long way and the scent lasts! So what might seem like an expensive purchase is extremely good value for money. The new Vetiver Insolent is another winner for me. It’s spicy, strong, bold – everything that spells character and I mean business. It’s the perfect male scent to wear all day and the perfect female scent on me to wear in the evening. It’s just as well that Miller Harris have engraved my name on the bottle as I’m sure we are going to be fighting over this one!

Miller Harris

Vetiver Insolent is for the fearless! A spicy fragrance with Vetiver at its heart.

Top notes: Bergamont, Black Pepper, Elemi, CardamonHeart: Iris, Lavender, Amber

Base: Vetiver from Hati, Tonka Bean, Moss

Vetiver Insolent launches on the 9th of April 2016 (50ml, £65).

Mrs J xx

*Vetiver Insolent was a gift from Miller Harris.

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