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When I started thinking about writing this post, it got me all nostalgic thinking about how times have changed and how technologically has moved forward so much. When I got my first watch as a child – which was a Swatch watch (all the rage at the time) – I was over the moon. In fact, I think I still have the remains of it stored away in a keep sake box at my parents’ house. All it did back then was tell the time! If the child version of me was told that 20 years or so forward, watches would be able to count steps, calories, sleep patterns, send messages, do social alerts and much, much more, I would have laughed! Or cried as I was taught not to lie and obviously, I was being lied to. Even from that young age, I chose a watch that was fashionable and trendy. It was also a practical everyday accessory as phones were a rare sight until my mid-teens. Fast forward a few years, watches that had lost their mojo have made a comeback as technology watches. Not only are they a sought-after accessory that people match up with their outfits, but they have also become so technologically advanced that you can almost forget that you even have a phone! Introducing Vector Watches! The smart and sexy smartphone watch that boasts a 30-day battery life and is compatible with 3 of the major operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows.


Vector Watches

Combining iconic design and technology, this watch is and looks of quality. Being a technology piece, people would expect a watch of this kind to be clunky, undesirable and possibly heavier in weight when in fact, it is quite the opposite – they’re stylish and comfortable. By simply downloading the future-proofed Vector watch app, smartphone watch wearers are able to fully customise their watch from choosing a watch face, setting discreet notifications, or only displaying messages upon turning the watch towards the wearer. The Vector watch app, in conjunction with Bluetooth low-energy technology, syncs your smart phone and watch together, immediately updating any adjustments that you make in the app.

Vector Watch App 1

Watch Maker: Selecting you pre-set watch face

Vector Watch App 2

And if your not happy later that day, then change it again

Vector Watch App Three

Watch Store: Your one-stop shop to fully customise your watch with new apps being added daily. You can discover new creative watch faces, download streams to either sit on your watch face or appear as a notification.

Vector Watch App Four

For example download and sync with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the weather or your events diary and add apps such as Uber, Evernote, Nest etc.

Vector Watch App 5

Activity: track your steps, calories, sleep and distance.

Mrs J’s verdict – I really wasn’t in the market for a smartwatch (or so I thought). I was a bit wary of how they actually worked and if I would be able to work it out; also, I wasn’t overall impressed with the choices that were out there. That was until Vector watches came on my radar and when my arm candy started to weigh my wrist down: watch, jewellery, fitbit, etc (you get the picture). The Vector Luna Smartwatch that I am wearing is a fashionable rose gold coloured watch that covers all the bases that I require (measuring my steps, sending me my latest Instagram notifications and of course, the latest messages from the family whatsapp group! ). The watch came beautifully packaged and secure in its own box. I was surprised by how easy it was to set up and I even managed to adjust the watch strap myself! Whilst the watch was on its first charge that took about just over 20 mins, I downloaded the Vector watch app and started to customise my watch face and apps that I wanted to receive notifications from. Two things that stood out for me were: 1) the level of privacy settings that you could set on the watch. For example a notification could vibrate on your wrist or should you wish to turn that off, all notifications will be shared to you when you raise your wrist and flick it to read the watch face front; 2) another feature that I thought was good was that when you do have a pending notification, a ring appears around the digital watch face and remain there until you press the button on the side of the watch to read them all at your convenience. I’ve really enjoyed using and wearing my Vector Smartwatch. It’s practical for me when I’m out and about, and particularly useful when I’m in a meeting or in a situation where I am waiting on a message but don’t want to appear rude by using my phone even if it’s in my hand or sitting in front of me on the table.

The Vector Luna Rose Gold Smartwatch with Rose Gold Bracelet is £379.

To shop the Vector Smartwatch collection, click here.

Mrs J xx

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