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Smartsun UK

It’s mid June and it’s been raining! All hail the Great British Summer! Now whilst the summer sales have already started, I live in hope that my toes will get to walk about in flipflops with bright coral nail polish. That and Mr J showing his manly skills on the bbq grill that is cleaned and ready to be used.  So with this new found hope, and for all the lucky people that have decided to escape the British shores to warmer Mediterranean climes, let me introduce you to Smartsun UK and the UV indicator Wristband.

Smartsun UK is a company that have designed a clever little wrist band (resembling a band you may get when going to a festival only thinner) that measures the amount of UV radiation that you are exposed to over the course of a day.  The band changes colour to indicate when it’s time for you to reapply sun cream or when to get out of the sun!

Why do you need to use a Smartsun wristband?
To avoid putting yourself in danger of potential sunburn and skin cancer! More so if you’re not paying attention to the amount of exposure that you are getting from the sun or are not applying any or a high factor sun cream for your skin type. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK.  More than 12,000 cases of melanoma are diagnosed yearly resulting in more than 2000 deaths every year.

How and when to use Smartsun Wristband?
The Smartsun wrist band is a one-time-use-only band.  You simply loop one end of the wrist band through the slit suitable for your wrist size. Then you apply sun cream as you normally would on your body and over the band.  The band is discreet and thin you won’t even notice it on your wrist. Perfect for children and can be worn in both pool and sea water.  When is it good to wear the band?  You could wear it every day! Realistically when you know you are going to have high exposure to the sun’s rays – while on a holiday, when in the pool or sea, during outdoor sports, whilst hiking, etc.  The wristband is not only for children. It can be worn by the whole family and it takes the pressure away of having to remember when you last applied sun cream.

How does the Smartsun wristband work?
The unused band is yellow in colour and will remain so until action needs to be taken.  If the band changes to a beige colour, then it’s time to reapply that sun cream! If the band changes to pink, then its warning you to stay out of the sun as the UV level is very high.

Smartsun wrist bands come in a pack of 5 and can be bought for £4.99.  To buy some Smartsun wristbands for your holidays, click here.

Mrs J xx

Please note: Smartsun wristband does not contain SPF and should always be worn with a high protection sun cream.

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