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Uber for Taxis, Bizzby for Plumbers, Depop for Second Hand Clothes – there seems to be a platform type business popping up in every service based sector at the moment. Earlier this morning as I was slaving away in the kitchen cooking up ‘breakfast in bed’ for Mr J  he informed me that he has a surprise for me and that I needed to be showered and ready for 4pm (no makeup needed). My initial thought was ‘great has he finally used the free Waitrose food delivery service’ and at 4pm I would be reluctantly unpacking away the food.  Lucky for me that wasn’t the case, he had in fact booked me a home massage!
Just before 4pm a masseuse called Kristine arrived (in uniform) carrying a portable massage table that she quickly set up in the front room.  After a quick initial intro, short form filling (all the legal bits) and picking my choice of oil, we were ready to go.  Mr J even arranged it so that ‘Spa music’ was playing throughout the flat. (Tip have clean towels ready, mobile masseuse’s don’t carry towels around.  You need two big ones and one small one.  The App does tell you that when you book – Just Mr J forgot to tell me).
 The massage it’s self was REALLY GOOD, perhaps dare I say it ‘the best one I have ever had’. Kristine really knew what she was doing, applying the right amount of pressure and getting to all the correct spots, a true professional.  After experiencing Urban massage I’m not sure that I will or want to go back to having a massage in a spa environment.  One – the whole process was really easy and didn’t need to be booked in month’s in advance. Two – I didn’t need to travel anywhere, the masseuse came to me (As lets face it no one wants to travel home on the tube after you’ve basically fallen asleep and are in a zen like state). So not only is Kristine my new found friend that I hope to be booking again soon, but also Mr J has earned himself some well deserved brownie points!
My home massage was booked on an App called ‘Urban Massage’, which you might call ‘the Uber for massage’. This is a platform which puts people who want on demand massage in touch with high quality massage thereapists that come to your home. For you as a customer this is cheaper than a spa, also the massage therapist makes more – an all round win-win situation. We will definitely be using Urban Massage again and choosing the wonderful Kristine.
If you would like to try out Urban Massage I have an offer code for £10 off your first massage with  RAARTI9V2 click here.
To view the Urban Massage site click here.
Mrs J xx

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