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Hair, it comes in all lengths, shapes and sizes.  We all have trouble managing it, but we couldn’t live without it as it forms a part of our identity.  Long, short, crop,  a bob, curly, dyed red, over the years I tried them all!  The same applies to my Shampoo and styling products.  Some people are lucky to use the same brand all their lives.  Maybe I’ve just been stuck with bad luck where I find a product I like and then it gets discontinued.  Then comes the crazy stage where I have to go to as many Boots/ Superdrug’s I can find to stock up on the products just in case I cant find something else! Due to this very reason I am always willing to try a new product and have no issue with changing or swapping my usual Shampoo/ Conditioner.
A few weeks ago the lovely ladies from Umberto Giannini at Blogger Fashion Week, gave me some new products from the ‘Mend My Hair’ range to try.  Below is my view on them all:
A shampoo that is formulated without sulphates.  Gentle and cleanses without stripping any colour and moisture (if your hair is coloured).  Having tried and tested the shampoo I was surprised with the thick consistency of the Shampoo.  It didn’t really lather up easily and had quite a strong male perfume smell.  The smell I didn’t mind but if your more of a floral girl then this shampoo is not the right one for you.
A Conditioner that is a true conditioner.  Thick consistency and full of enriching avocado oil and milk protein.  This also had quite a strong smell, but true to the blurb, I left it on for 5 minutes and my hair did feel silky soft.  I’m not a total fan of conditioners that have to be washed out as I feel that they make my hair look flat.  This one surprisingly did the opposite, and left my hair feeling quite thick and healthy.
This spray is quite similar to its counter parts on the market with the tag line that it strengthens, repairs and protects from heat damage.  The instruction are to spray evenly through the hair and and comb through to the ends.  How much is a too much though?  This is the part where I totally failed and ruined the three part step of the range.  Unfortunately a few too many sprays resulted in my dry hair feeling quite sticky and product heavy.  My Initial thoughts were tomorrow I’m going to look like Ive just finished the night shift in the local chippy.  But just like a miracle my hair looked like something out of an advert, big, clean and bouncy and it smelt amazing!
Would I recommend the mend my hair range?  Yes I would! Remembering the saying less is more I will definitely be controlling the amount of protein repair that I use.  The range is also reasonably priced from £5.99 to £6.99 and can be found in your nearest Boots.
Mrs J xxx
* Mend My Hair range – PR Sample

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