Treat Mum Like A Queen With Vitamin E

This is definitely the last Mother’s Day post I do this year (I promise).  Last Friday as I was having a lazy stroll around North London I walked past the ‘Treat Mum Like A Queen’ poster, and I had to share it with you all as it really did put a smile on my face after a very long week of work.  I hope the actual Queen has been sent one of these limited edition sets (wouldn’t you like to see a queen selfie with cucumbers on her eyes?).  As with everything The Body Shop do this campaign was fun, pink and everything a mum gift should be.


This Mother’s Day The Body Shop have launched a limited Edition Vitamin E range. Being a total fan of the Vitamin E range I didn’t need convincing, limited edition packaging or not I will always have some vitamin E stocked up on my shelf.  The Vitamin E range first launched in 1977 and standing the test of time it has been a long time favourite of its users protecting their skin against the daily pollution that faces us all. My favourite item from the original range has always been the Vitamin E oil (which after speaking to one of The Bosy Shop’s skin consultants I later discovered had been discontinued).  After a few silent screams – panic over, the original vitamin E oil has been replaced with the new Overnight Serum in Oil.  Below is my review of some old and new products from the Limited Edition Vitamin E range.

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Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil Limited Edition – £13 

The Overnight Serum in Oil is lighter and fresher smell than its predecessor, providing all the same benefits of an oil but with a non greasy formula.  With it’s fast absorbing formula you dont have to worry about the serum/oil ruining your pillows.  The packaging recommends 8 hours of beauty sleep for the skin.  I envy anyone who gets eight hours of sleep during the week as I for one don’t.  Whether its 6,  7, or eight hours the serum in oil still boosts the skin.  If your not a fan of serum/ oils then why not try out The Vitamin E night Cream (which is super thick and luxurious) or the Bouncing Sleep Mask.  I tend to rotate between all three on different days depending on how my skin is that day.

Vitamin E Eyes Cube Limited Edition- £8.00

The Vitamin E Eyes Cube is a totally new product to me, and i’m mentally kicking myself now as I type this as i’m not quite sure if the cube existed before the new packaging or not.  Either way it’s here now and something that I needed two month’s ago when the eczema/ dry skin was at it’s peak.  Rubbing Vitamin E oil and then applying makeup over the top was a bit of a slippery game and the eye cube would have made my life a lot easier.  The Eye cube is very lightweight, easy to apply and has a cooling element when applying to the skin.  It’s also so small (a bit like a chunky lipstick) that it it easy to store or lose in your handbag.  I know the cube is meant for the eye area but I have a feeling that i’m going to be using on other dry patches on my face.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream Limited Edition – £11

The Vitamin E Moisture cream definitely sells itself.  It’s light and hydrating and suitable for all skin types.  I always have a pot of Vitamin E cream and I find that I use it more in the summer months and when I’m on holiday.  Depending on how my skin is in winter I may need something a bit more thicker. But as with all beauty products what suits my skin may not suit yours but one to give a go!

To treat your mum like a Queen shop the Vit E range click here, and if you order by 11am on a week day you still have time for next day delivery.

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Green Tea 1

here’s a sneak peek of the new Green Tea range. Blog post and further info coming soon….

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