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If you have been keeping up to date on my blog then you will know that I’m going on holiday –  yay!  It’s a bit of a running joke in my family that me and my brother don’t actually own a suitcase and always turn up at our family home to ‘surprise’ our parents with a spontaneous visit (but really to borrow a suitcase).  This year I thought it was about time that I did a bit of investigating into investing into my own item of luggage – who knew there was so much choice.  So whilst I’ve been keeping my holiday destination top secret, my luggage wish list is not.

When searching for a new suitcase the bigger and bolder the better!  Anything that has a few compartments, is light in weight so that it doesn’t eat into my baggage allowance is a bonus.  Oh and it has to be easy to recognise on the conveyor belt – especially when there is a sunbed waiting to be used. On my search I came across this beauty the Red Hard Side Lips Suitcase by Lulu Guinness.  Which by the way, has Lulu’s kiss of approval.



Red Hard Sided Lips Large Spinner Case – £245

These cases come in four different colours (baby blue, Silver, pink and red).  I’ve opted for red as if I had to pick one lipstick colour of would be red first. The cases also come on three sizes Large, medium and small so whether you are planning a week or two away, or just a weekend there is a case to cater for your every need.



Red Hard Sided Lips Large Spinner Case – £245



Red Hard Sided Lips Large Spinner Case – £245


Each large case comes with a set of three draw string bags so you can seperate all your accessories. So if your in the market for a new suitcase then here are all the neccesary product details to make sure you can fit in all your fabulous outfits:

Product Details:

Improved style red hard case with spinner wheels, case is resistant to high impact.

New high quality lightweigth wheels, which means the case is easy to walk with and has 360 degrees manoeuvrability.

New lightweight push button operation trolley system with a high shine handle

Incudes three drawstring accessory bags

TSA approved high shine padlock included

Dimensions: height – 77cm, Width – 53cm, Depth – 29cm and weight 4,50kg

Whilst I may be only purchasing a suitcase (hopefully from Lulu Guinness) here is a few of my favourite Lulu Guinness travel essentials:



Luggage Tag – £30



Red Crosshatched Leather Red Travel Wallet – £130


To shops the Lulu Guinness travel section click here, to shop the rest of the site click here.

To view Mrs J’s Poolside essentials click here.


Mrs J xx


Please note Lulu Guinness currently only ships to the UK and US.

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4 Discussions on
“Travel in Style with Lulu Guinness Luggage”
  • Hi Aarti, love your name btw. I had to buy new luggage when I left my parents house = | this is really cute, and I love the wallet too. I don’t know if my husband would approve of spending that much on luggage just yet, but I totally love that (save up spending time).

    Vashti C

    • Hi Vashti, thanks for your comment, and love your name too :-). I think you should show your husband the luggage but then say you are happy you are happy to have just the wallet 🙂 He might just let you get away with it, Aarti x

  • I want to love my Lulu Guiness lips cabin case but is anyone else having problems with the retractable handle not working properly? – soooooo disappointing for the money 🙁

    • Hi Lisa, So sorry to hear that. I’ve not heard anything myself, have you reached out to the brand, maybe they can exchange the case for you? Mrs J x

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