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With May’s half term in full swing and the panic of a long summer holiday for the children ahead, parents everywhere are starting to break a little sweat as to how they are going to keep their kids occupied.  Let’s face it! We can’t rely on the weather to be always nice so that they can play outside all day in the garden or in a park.  Not having any kids of my own but having been surrounded by loads of younger cousins and more recently with two gorgeous godchildren, I have pretty much understood that you need to have a budget aside (or a small bank loan!) for day trips to places like the Zoo.  Or be able to purchase and house the contents of a small Hobbiecraft shop in your home to be able to cater for all your kids crafting needs.  Stressed? I am! I find it hard to decide on my choice of nail polish let alone keep up to date with what the latest toy or trendy activity is. This is where Toucan Box can be a saviour.  Yes this box is a gift from above, the gift that keeps on giving, bound to put a smile on the face of any parents, grandparents, relatives and godparents who is first to give it as a gift.

So what is Toucan Box?

Toucan Box is a fortnightly and monthly specially curated craft box for children aged 3 to 8 years old. An easy way to keep the kids entertained with educational and fun themes, all in one handy box.  Each art or craft task in the box comes with all the necessary materials (so no need for visits to Hobbiecraft, and no tantrums).

How many boxes are there?

There are three different types of boxes: Petite, Grande and Super.

Petite – contains one project and is shipped out to you fortnightly for £3.95 plus P&P.

Grande – contains two themed projects and a reading book and is shipped out to you once a month for £9.95 plus P&P.

Super – contains four themed projects and is shipped out to you once a month for £16.95 plus P&P.

Please note Toucan Box is a monthly billing box.  The beauty of this subscription is that if you are going to be away and wish to pause or cancel a box, you can.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You choose your Toucan box: Petite, Grande or Super. Then you personalise your Toucan Box by letting Toucan Box know the child’s name, age and favourite themes, and then you’re all set and Toucan Box is on its way to you.

Below is a sample of Toucan Box that I had the pleasure of crafting with.


The box came neatly packed with clear instructions on how to make the Jellyfish.




Some interesting facts on Jellyfish to keep the kids entertained.


Finally a sticker to collect and claim free gifts with later down the line.

Mrs J’s verdict – Whilst I can’t claim to have made the jellyfish myself (as that would be far too easy), I gave this sample box to my friend who spent the afternoon crafting with her 3 year old son. Their verdict was a 10/10.  She said he was very excited to see what was in the box and gave full concentration to making the Jellyfish (he even allowed her to help him).  The only downside was that he was upset when it was finished as he wanted to make another one. From a mum’s point of view, my friend liked the fact that you could choose different themes for your child and change them as they grew older so that they would never get bored.  It also made for a really great gift that was educational, something that required minimum planning ahead.

To subscribe to a Toucan Box for your child or as a gift for someone, click here.

To buy individual boxes from the Toucan Box shop, click here.

To view the Toucan Box site, click here.

Mrs Jonas Readers can try a free taster box with code: MRSJTOUCAN click here

Happy Crafting!

Mrs J xx

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