Things to keep you occupied this May!

This is not the best of post, just more of things that I have been enjoying over the past month that are going to see me well into May, being that it is nowhere near summer weather here in the UK ( I mean we had hail stones on May Day!). So with sandals, sunshine, picnics and BBQs in the near distant future, here are my recommendations for the imminent grey and rainy days of May!

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13 Reasons Why – available now on Netflix –  It was only a few weeks ago having cleared up some memory space on my phone that I downloaded the Netflix app! Who knew that there was this amazing download function? What a light bulb moment that was for me! So that’s how all those people on the tube are watching Netflix on their daily commute! As recommendations go, ’13 Reasons Why’ came up on the scroll bar. Reading the synopsis or description, some may think this is one of those typical American high school dramas with no real substance to it. And yes, whilst it is set around the high school environment, it is far from lacking in a good plot line. 13 Reasons Why is based around Hannah Baker, a student who tragically commits suicide. As the school mourns her death, her friend, Clay, receives a box of tapes from Hannah explaining the 13 reasons that led up to that tragic day. Each episode is based on a side of the tape, and a person that influenced Hannah Baker’s life. A truly addictive show that didn’t drag on past the 13 episodes, it had me hooked and ready for the next one so much so that I started watching it with Mr J and stormed on ahead and completed the series in four days! Now I’m on the hunt for another good series. Any recommendations?

Masterchef – BBC 1, past episodes available on iPlayer – I love food, I love eating food, I love cooking food, but I’m not that much of a fan of watching other people cook food. Yes I know I may be the only person in the UK that didn’t watch the Great British Bake Off religiously, nor have I ever really been into Masterchef. That said, I don’t know why this year I decided to suddenly start watching it. I think it’s because I’ve been getting back into cooking fully from scratch again, or maybe it was a passing comment that Mr J made a few weeks ago where he said that I was good at following a recipe but not so good at using random ingredients to create a wow dish. I mean watching Masterchef wasn’t going to turn me into a Michelin star chef but it was a good starting point. If you don’t already know, Masterchef is a show where amateur cooks compete to win the title of Masterchef. (Many of the previous master chef contestants and winners have gone on to have successful careers or business in the food/catering industry.) We are pretty much at the semi-final stage, but if you feel like you’re missing out and want to binge watch some episodes, then BBC iPlayer is the one.


Hot Water and Lemon – Since having slowly weaned myself off caffeine (yes I know I’m crazy as I am tired ALL day), I find options for hot drinks pretty limited. While this may sound quite strange considering there are aisles and aisles of herbal tea options available in the supermarket, I am quite fussy/picky when it comes to drinking herbs. I just don’t like the taste or mixtures of some of the options available. So I decided if I was going to be healthy, I might as well go down the au naturel route and drink plain old hot water and lemon. A lot of people do this anyway, first thing in the morning, hot or cold, as it’s good for the tummy. I, however, drink this throughout the day. A hot cup first thing in the morning and one in the afternoon and every now and then, a bit of lemon flavoured water (if there are any lemons left)!

Rawduck – Rawduck is my new favourite brunch spot, one that I have walked past many times en route to a friend or an event but have never actually dined at. This trendy all day dining restaurant located in London Fields, East London, uses simple seasonal cooking mixed in with some creativity and Mediterranean inspiration to create a fabulous mouth-watering menu. To read my full review, click here.


Pomegranate Korean Sheet Mask* – I’ve always been a regular face mask user and in more recent days, a multi-masker where I target different areas of the face with different masks for specific needs. Now yet again the mask trends have changed and over the past two years have evolved into sheet masks – those scary masks that make you look like you’re an extra on a horror film. I love these masks; they are perfect for single use, especially when travelling. I’ve not tried a whole range of them but the ones I have invested in have been skin hydrating or moisturising ones such as this Pomegranate Korean Sheet Mask that was in the ‘Natural Beauty’ themed Lookfantastic Beauty Box. The Vitamasques Pomegranate Sheet Mask is £3.99 and can be bought here. To view Lookfantastic’s range of sheet masks, click here.

Madara Fine Line Minimising Day Cream For Dry To Very Dry Skin* – Another treasure from last month’s Lookfantastic beauty box. My skin has been more on the dry side recently. This is partly due to the weather, and also down to failure on my part of overusing acids and masks on my skin when trying to clear some problem areas. So now trying to rectify my mistakes, it’s all about the hydration and feeding my dry skin. I’ve only used this cream for a few days but on application, my skin feels smoother, more hydrated and enriched. I still need to use SPF during the day thus, it would be great if this cream had SPF in it as well. Madeira Fine Line Minimising Day Cream £35 for 50ml.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer* – I often get asked what my beauty recommendations are and for hair masks, I have to say it has to be the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer! A mask that you put on pre-shampoo that intensely conditions hair to leave it feeling soft and repaired, ready for shampooing. The Elasticizer comes in different sizes and scents and I can’t wait to try out Coconut Breeze! To view the Philip Kingsly range click here.

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*features pr samples

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“Things to keep you occupied this May!”
  • I watched 13 Reasons Why recently – I bawled my eyes out. I decided to start re-watching OITNB to cheer me up haha… Really loving the look of the pomegranate mask – may just give that a try!

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