Things I’m Reading, Eating and Enjoying this Spring

I don’t know if it’s the sun that’s making me do things differently, but today I thought I would share a few of my current favorite things that I have been reading, Eating and enjoying this Spring.

1. Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward.


Ella Woodward – the Vegan food blogger is officially my girl crush of the month.  Her easy to make healthy recipes have changed the way I eat and more importantly I snack.  Her amazing story of self healing via food is inspirational.  If you are not familiar with Ella Woodward, she started her blog with a way to deal with a rare condition that she had that left her bed ridden for 95% off her day.  It was only through natural healing and experimenting and changing her diet that she started to improve.  Her recipes are easy and tasty.  There are a few items that I had never cooked with before like Tahini and i’m still not a good baker ( that’s probably for the best), but I make a mean energy ball!  To read more about Ella and have a peek at her blog click here. To purchase Ella’s book – Deliciously Ella, click here.

2. Grazia Magazine

Grazia 1Grazia Magazine, my guilty pleasure…. with no access to sky TV or Keeping Up With The Kadashians Grazia magazine is my daily doze of trash, current events and issues, fashion and beauty.  Perfect for the over 30’s  and  (don’t hate me) but there is no sign of One Direction, and no talk of ‘how do I tell him I like him’ articles.  Just great content pumping out of each page. To get Grazia delivered straight to your door every week just as they hit the shops, for less then the retail price click here.

3. BBC Drama – Ordinary Lies

Top_Ordinary Lives Image Source

Who does’t love a good drama/ series.  With all the various different talent shows: ‘The Voice’, ‘X factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.  The period dramas:  ‘Downtown Abbey’, ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘Indian Summers’.  It’s nice to be brought back to reality to a funny easy to watch show, that is not just for girls –  Even Mr J has this blocked out in his  diary!  ‘Ordinary Lies’ is a show based around a car showroom and it’s employees. Each show is focused on one character and a lie that they tell that that spirals out of control.  If you haven’t already seen the show then you can read about it here.  Ordinary Lies is BBC1 on Tuesday’s at 9PM and its top notch TV!

4. Bourjois Matte Lipstick


I used to hate anything matt (excluding paint on the wall).  Matt nails don’t look glamorous enough, and matt lips hmm not sure!  It’s only in the last two few years that I have really got into lipsticks and bright ones at that (much to Mr J’s Chagrin). So when I decided to venture back into the matt area I was pleasantly surprised.  Boujour is a highstreet brand that I have SO overlooked. The quality of their products are very high end and this lip gloss can give a £40 lipstick a run for it’s money.  With amazing staying power, and great colour ive already tried to stock up on a few more shades from this range this week.  To try one or three matt lipsticks yourself click here.

What’s are you reading, eating and enjoying this Spring?

Mrs J xx

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