These Ugg Boots were made for walking!

Ugg Australia is a Sheepskin brand  that have been around in some form or another since the late 50’s.

Originally worn by surfers and locals across Australia and New Zealand to keep their feet warm post surfing or as Slippers.

It was only in the late 7o’s when it was brought to the rest of the world by Brian Smith the Australian surfer, and in the  80’s when all the celebrities cottoned on (or sheeped on) that Uggs really became a house hold name.

Now some of you reading this post may associate Uggs with the 13 year old kid down the road, or the yummy mummy with her bugaboo, puffa jacket and range rover (trust me this is THE mum look to rock!). I agree that they don’t suit everyone, but until you have got your feet into a pair of fluffy warm boots you really can not understand the ultimate comfort that UGG’s provide.  If your not convinced just yet then check out my sexy new ‘Olivia Boots‘ below:


Olivia – £185 – To buy click here

and if a flat option is more your style then here are some of my top pics:

ugg chelsea

Jo Boot (the cool new Chelsea boot)- £120. To buy click here.

ugg black

Classic Short Leather – £160.  To buy click here

To shop the Ugg Collections click Here

Mrs J xx

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