World Cup BenePub!

Has the whole world gone World Cup Mad?  Yes, and if your not already immersed in Sweepstakes and themed Football parties then with only two weeks left, it’s time to get involved!
 Me and my friend Sarah decided to do just that, but in our own pink fluffy world better know as the BenePub!
Image taken from Benefit Blog


Image taken from Benefit Blog


Image taken from Benefit Blog
The BenePub is the genius idea from the people at Benefit Makeup. If like me you are not that bothered about Football outside of the World cup then the BenePub is the perfect way to get fully involved and pampered at the same time. With Themed Cocktails and Bellini’s, and free Makeovers and Tanning available (with a small donation to Charity). This is a Pink haven not to be missed out on! If you decide to get pampered on the day and like what you see, subject to availability you can also purchase those products on the day!
 Here is a few pictures of our evening.  For those of you out there that are Rylan fans, you will know that he used to be a Benefit Boy or BeneBoy as they say, and he just happened to pop in that evening to do a few makeovers! Pic’s below:


 The BenePub is located at the top of The Prince of Wales Pub 150-1 Dury Lane, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, WC2B 5TD and is open until the 13th of July.  For more Information click Here
For special events for the BenePub check the fixtures diary below:
Image taken from Benefit Blog
Psst… have you heard about Benefit’s new push up liner?
It’s the first ever lash hugging gel liner, aimed to help users get the perfect flick! Ive got mine on order have you?  If not click here to get your’s.  Look out for my product review – coming soon!
Mrs J xxx

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