The Sunday night weekend away facial with Foreo!

Good afternoon from the gorgeous but slightly damp Cotswolds. As weekends away go, the plan was for a group of friends to spend a few days lying under the stars and be one with nature while sleeping outside in our tents along the Kent coast. However, the typical force that is the great British summer prevailed so our group decided to decamp in a more luxurious setting of a house in the Cotswolts. When packing for a weekend away, camping or no camping, I generally try to minimise the amount of luggage that I have. I often opt for travel-size lotions and potions and my new found cleansing tool, the Foreo Luna 2 cleansing device. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I’m quite familiar with professional cleansing devices in the format of the cleansing brush. Whilst the cleansing brush will always hold a place in my heart and is still a highly recommended product, it was time to move with the times and try the hottest new cleansing brand around – Foreo!

Foreo Luna 2

Foreo Luna 2

The Foreo brand combines T-sonic pulsations directly to the skin to effectively unclog any blocked pores and clean the dirt away. Set on a two minute timer, cleaning your face has never been so clear or quick! Made from a silicone base, the bristles target skin cells to unclog pores and lift dirt away. The Foreo Luna 2 is specifically made for oily skin and is embedded with an anti-ageing mode. By this I mean the device has lower frequency pulsations to target those wrinkle-prone areas to smoothen out the skin. I can’t say that I have used this function at all as when it comes to facial cleansing, two minutes is just about enough before the oils and the creams come out, pre-bedtime. The standout point for me vs cleansing devices of the brush head nature is the non-porous silicone cover that coats the Foreo device. These silicone bristles are the most hygienic thing around and the best bit is that you don’t need to replace the silicone; you simply rinse it our under warm water post cleansing and leave it to air-dry naturally. Also, being 100% waterproof means you can use it in the shower or bath. For those campers or frequent travellers out there, the Foreo has the longest battery life I have ever seen in a facial cleanser.  Perfect for the great outdoors.

The Foreo Luna 2 can be bought for all different skin types from £149.

To shop the full Luna range, click here.

Mrs J xx

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