The post lunchtime gym session moisturising fix!

When you work in the industry that I work in, you’ll grasp that there is A LOT of chat over fitness, wellness, fashion – mainly our shopping addictions – beauty, food, and dry skin (or ‘skin flake’ as we often refer to it). It is not uncommon to see a stampede of Sweaty Beatty leggings power walking out of the office at 12pm sharp ready to burn some serious calories at the local spin class. Now I totally applaud them! Me, I avoid routines like this at lunchtime like the plague, and yes, here come ALL the excuses! Firstly, I’ll start with the tube: I already carry a lot around in my handbag on a daily basis to carry a gym bag with stuff to shower with and my makeup essentials, etc. It would be like getting on the tube with a suitcase in rush hour – not happening! Secondly, I take ages to get ready in the morning and I like to take my time, you know – shower, moisturise (let it all sink in), start the makeup, etc. If I had to do this in the middle of the day as well, I would need a three-hour lunch break. This brings me nicely onto a solution for one of my ‘skin flake’ issues, the new Aveeno Daily Moisturising – after shower mist.

Taking that time barrier away, this spray is a fast and convenient way to moisturise. Plus, containing Oat extract, the after shower mist seals in moisture leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. But more importantly, there is no waiting and no residue and the can is a lot lighter than carrying a tub of cream around! So all you gym bunnies out there here is my gift of time, allowing you enough moments to grab some lunch and stroll back to your desk! Me? Well my excuses are starting to run out! I guess I better starting hunting for that gym bag.

Aveeno Daily moisturising after-shower mist is available at Boots, Superdrug and at all major supermarkets.

Mrs J xx

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