The New Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil!

Hello from a very bitterly cold Iceland! Minus six degrees Celsius, I think, it was last night! Now the reason that I am in Iceland is for a little R&R which was a lovely gift at Christmas from Mr J. Having kept the destination of our adventures a secret for nearly 4 months, I was given little to no clues as to where we were heading to apart from the fact that it was going to be cold and that I could take a suitcase! Phew as me and hand luggage/cabin packing is not a good combination! Nevertheless, travelling for five days does not require me to pack the contents of our home along with the kitchen sink, so this is where multipurpose/use items really come into their own and save me paying excess baggage fees! (Which no one wants to do!)

All hail the Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil! Now correct me if I am wrong but I think that most people have heard about Elizabeth Arden as a brand, and must likely know of the cult beauty products that is the Eight Hour Cream. The current range has everything from lip balm to night cream etc, essentially giving you what you need for full on deep moisturisation. The All-Over Miracle Oil is the first oil of its kind in the range and in all honesty, I can only mutter, “What took you so long Elizabeth Arden!?” With many brands launching universal dry oils that don’t leave you looking like you have rolled in a pan of chip fat, transforming the 8 hour cream formula into oil is simply a winning formula. So what does this All-Over Miracle Oil do?

It’s oil that can be used literally from top to toe, on your face, body and hair! Here are my top miracle oil suggestions: use as a hair oil mask or as a serum to tame those baby fly away hairs; as a night facial oil (or a few sprays in your favourite moisturiser) for that extra layer of moisturisation; on dry elbows and knees; as an all over post shower body moisturiser; or as a hand and nail treatment especially those cuticles.

Elizabeth Arden Miracle Oil
So what makes all this magic happen? Well it’s all in the ingredients:

Grape seed, to moisturise the skin;

Avocado Oil, to soften the skin;

Sunflower Seed oil, to condition the skin;

Ginger Root Extract, to improve the condition of the skin;

Boswellia Resin, to soothe the skin;

Vitamin E, for protection;

Tusbuki Oil from the Camelia flower, to improve texture; 

plus, its signature Eight Hour family fragrance. 

Mrs J’s verdict – I’ve been a fan of the eight hour cream movement since day one! As such, the temptation every time I enter an airport duty free is enough to keep me well stocked up. Some people find the original formula quite thick, but for someone who suffers from dry skin, I find that thick consistency as a saviour and not just during the winter months. The miracle oil for me is a perfect all-year-round product. If you want light coverage, you can have it; and if you want to use the oil as layer up with a cream, then you can do that too. But what it really is great for is all its multi-uses which is great for everyday use and when travelling. The bottle with an easy-use spray nozzle is super lightweight which is, again, great for that baggage allowance. Use-wise, I find that my skin is moisturised without looking greasy and the oil sinks in quickly which is also a bonus for someone like me who is always in a rush. At £29 per 100ml, it’s maybe not something you want to spray away into your hair every day but then a little spritz does go a long way. If you’re into oils or want to condense some of your products into one, then this is definitely worth the price tag. To view the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Miracle Oil click here.

Mrs J xx

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