The Melt Crowd By Flamingo Candles

It’s official! I’m a subscription box addict! I also may need therapy for my obsession, as not only do I love beauty boxes but I have managed to source out a different type of box for one of my other passions – candles! Yes, those scented waxy type things that come in jars with wicks and are regarded as a massive fire hazard by Mr J.

So what’s different about these candles? Well there is no wick for one!

Introducing The Melt Crowd, by Flamingo Candles. Flamingo Candles is a UK based producer that makes fun and original hand-poured organic candles made from 100% soy wax! The Melt Crowd is the subscription side of the brand (or Candle Club as I like to refer to it), where for £10 each month you get delivered 8 (yes 8) deliciously smelling scent melts. Each box is kept as a surprise, with new and original scents exclusive to The Melt Crowd. Just to let you know how good value it is, if you were to buy the scents on their own they would total up to £18.95. Thus £10 a month really is a bargain!

So let’s take a peek at my first box!


The first box did come in a medium sized box that I had to go to the post office to pick it up! But don’t worry this is just a one off for the Melt Crowd as your first box comes with a free candle burner (otherwise how are you going to burn all those fabulous scents). Oh and did I mention that the candle burner is free? (Yes I have…I’m that thrilled about it!) Thanks Flamingo Candles!



Going forward, the packaging will look like this – small enough to fit right through your letterbox!



On unravelling the box, each of the melts are individually wrapped and placed in what looks like a sweet bag! (They might as well be as with all the scents mixed up together, the bag does smell a bit like a stolen piece from the Lush store).



Here’s the Candle burner/ Oil Burner



Then we have the 8 melts which are:

Strawberries & Champagne (red)

Pomegranate Cider (Orange)

Circus – Doughnuts – The Melt Crowd Preview (Navy)

Kir Royale (Pink with sparkles)

Dahlia – The Melt Crowd Exclusive (Pink)

Green Apples – (Light Green)

Ginger and Lime (Bright Green)



To use a scent melt, you simply place your chosen melt (like mine in the pic) in the wax burner along with a team light and let it melt away.



Each scent melt lasts for up to 30 hours, so I’ve got a lot of candles to burn before I receive my next box!

To subscribe to The Melt Crowd for £10 a month, click here.

To shop the Flamingo Candles site, click here.

Happy burning!

Mrs J xx

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