The One Sentence A Day Meaningfulness Journal

I never thought that I would be the type of person to have a meaningfulness journal! But then, what type of person is that right? I have no idea! I guess I AM that type of person. Towards the end of last year, my life was crazy. I was working full time, attending events, writing my blog (like it was my full time focus) and socialising. If you asked me how I was feeling then, TIRED (the-I-need-my-bed-kind-of-tired) would have been the sole answer. I was also consumed with guilt of not being able to say no to events/things or letting people down. Or maybe it was actually the fear of missing out. Time seemed to have no place, and holidays seemed like the only sanctuary to have a break from what we call life or reality. It was after seeing these five year journals in book shops and mindfulness and how to be calm books/apps become a sought-after topic that I decided to give in to the hype. The meditation app, I can honestly say is working; 5 minutes of listening to a soothing voice and I’m fast asleep (which means I haven’t moved past level one but I’m trying). The book, well I thought about buying a five-year journal, but then even I couldn’t see myself writing what I was getting up to daily. So I opted for a sentence a day meaningfulness journal.


What is a meaningfulness journal?

There are quite a few variations of meaningfulness journals in a book form or an app form. I opted for the one-sentence-a-day book format. I don’t mind apps but when it comes to reading, I prefer the old school way of physically having a book in my hand. Having the one-sentence-a-day format also meant that I didn’t necessarily have to write in it every day in succession. Journals like this are a way of keeping a log of what makes you happy, or what the most memorable thing was that happened to you on a given day. It doesn’t have to be something big like you got promoted at work, or ran a marathon. It could be something as simple as enjoying a lazy morning in bed with a magazine and a cup of coffee, or meeting a friend for dinner. The aim of the journal is to help you log down happy memories and provide an instant “pick me up” should you need it, also providing an insight into what is significant in our lives, how we spent our time and what makes us happy!



Mrs J’s Verdict – I’ve only started my journal since the beginning of February but I can already see its benefits. It’s not a ‘dear diary’ situation so none of my deepest and personal thoughts are going to get into the wrong hands. It’s just a way of remembering memorable events, images, quotes, pictures, conversations – whatever you want, really. Unlike other journals, random sections of this journal prompt you to look back over a period of time and identify what your favourite memories were or ask you to note down a specific achievement etc. Writing down what I do when I feel like it has really made me look at how I spend my time and whether any of that time is spent on what I want to do, rather than what I should do! I guess it’s about balance. So for now I’m ending this post as I go off to do something meaningful (which may just be reading the latest copy of Grazia and having a cup of tea).

The One Sentence A Day Meaningfulness Journal can be bought for £10 here.

Have you got a meaningfulness journal?

Mrs J xx


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