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It’s this time of year that our sense of smell really comes into it’s own.  For me it’s early in the morning  when you really notice the scent of blossoms and all the flowers in bloom.  One of my favourite scents is that of cut grass – lucky for me it doesn’t make me sneeze,  every time someone is mowing their lawn there I am drawing it in.  Oddly there have been times when I wish I could bottle up that scent and other scents, like the smell of being on holiday or that of a spa.  Well if that’s what you have also been wishing for then your wish is my command, in the form of The Library Of Fragrance.

The Library Of Fragrance are a fragrance company that set out to capture all the wonderful and weird smells that are around us everyday.  Some of their Library Of Fragrances consist of Grass, Fresh Ginger, Fireplace, Rain, Egg Nogg and many floral scents.  My favourite has to be Baby Powder!  It totally reminds me of the clean, cute and innocent smell of a baby (with exception to when a babies nappy needs changing).


Baby Powder from The Library Of Fragrance is the company’s global second best selling scent.  Inspired from none other than the Johnson & Johnson Company’s baby talc scent, the smell is said to be calming and emotional taking many people back to their childhood.  For me personally it’s one of those scents you wish you could eat, or could just keep on smelling while snuggled up on the sofa with a massive duvet and a hot chocolate.

All the scents from The Library Of Fragrance can be worn alone or paired together to create a unique scent of your own.  A few perfume brands also have the same offering but at the fraction of the price and unique single note fragrance, the scents paired together do not change over time.  For those of you that are a bit confused by what I mean by a single note.  A single note is a scent that represents an identifiable smell such as  Baby Powder.

They say there are no rules for Fragrance pairing.  You can test straight on the skin or on paper.  I want to try out Daisy and Grass, or Marshmallow and Fireplace, not sure what I would pair Gin & Tonic with?

Each Fragrance from The Library of Fragrance is £15 and can be bought at

To get in the nostalgic mood like me and try Baby Powder* Click here.

To Shop The Library Of Fragrance Click here.

What scent would you like to capture into a fragrance?

Mrs J xx


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