The Girls By Lisa Jewell

The Girls

I seem to go through moments of binge reading everything in sight to frequent dry spells of just not picking up a book. The last time I had one of these binge book fests was on my trip to Jamaica (which you can read about here).
So, when you have hit an all time reading low, what do you do? Me, I tend to reach out to one of my go-to authors in the hope that they have released a new book (one which I haven’t read yet). Lucky for me Lisa Jewel, my literary guardian angel, has a newly released book, ‘The Girls’.

Having pretty much grown up through my 20’s into my 30’s reading Lisa Jewel, ‘The Girls’ shows the versatility in Lisa’s writing. The book is a move from that stereotypical chick lit category to more of what I would say thriller or mystery but keeping in the theme of a classic Lisa style. What I love about Lisa’s writing is that she goes into such depth to set the scene and develop her characters that you almost feel like you know them or want to know them. She gives you just enough to keep you reading just that one more chapter when it’s way past your bed time. I, for one, was engaged from the very first chapter and spent the best part of last week Sunday glued to my sofa reading the entire book in pretty much one day!

The story is based around a large communal garden that sits within a group of terraced houses and all their varying families. There is no specific socio-group in the gardens which brings more of an interest to the whole concept of communal garden. The gardens specifically breathe into life during the summer months when all the neighbours socialise and meet over bbq’s and parties, and children run freely through the 3 acres of the gardens and the playground. Interestingly, the garden also has a darker side which is how the story starts with Pip. She is the youngest daughter of Clare who is a newly separated mother moving to the area as a result of their home being destroyed in a fire. Pip finds her sister, Grace, one summer evening unconscious in the garden. Lisa then takes the reader back to the beginning, before the summer, to discover the events and decisions that lead to that very moment. As Grace’s injuries get investigated, we learn more about all the neighbours and the secrets of the garden.
The Girls is an uplifting easy read, a great direction for Lisa’s writing. I for one am looking forward to see what Lisa will release next.

The Girls By Lis Jewell

Mrs J xx

p.s Can you recommend any good reads?

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