The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Girl on the train

I heard about Girl On The Train prior to it’s release and after being hyped as the next ‘Gone Girl’ I simply has to put in a pre-order hence the lovely picture of my Kindle above. Having already read the blurb and a few preview reviews,  I knew that this book was going to be very addictive.  The story was based around the main character Rachel who on her daily commute gets obsessed with a couple that she sees everyday through the train window.  I think I was particularly drawn to this book as who doesn’t see the same people on their daily commute and on the odd occasion wonder what they do for a living or what has made them upset etc?

The whole mystery and story line is  is based and told from three strong women: Rachel – The main character, Megan – The woman Rachel sees everyday on her journey to work, and Anna – Rachel’s Ex Husband’s new wife.  The story starts off with Rachel who takes the same commuter train into London daily and starts to create an imaginary life for a couple that she sees at the same signal stop every day during the week.  Rachel names then Jess and Jason and everything in their world appears to be perfect, until one day she sees Jess with another man.

This kicks of an obsession for Rachel to find out who this man is and why Jess would do such a  thing.  As she starts to investigate, what Rachel doesn’t foresee is waking up the next day covered in bruises, with no recognition of the night before and hearing on the news that Jess (real character Megan) has gone missing.  Rachel then embarks on a rollercoaster quest to find out what happened to her and to Megan.

Not wanting to ruin the ending, the other two characters fall nicely into the thriller and at certain points do become quite entwined.  To the point that just when you think you have solved the mystery, another curve ball comes your way throwing the whole Sherlock Holmes thought process out of sync.  At times I did find myself  turning a few pages back to check what I had read as all isn’t as it seems at first.  As the reader you really find yourself questioning each character, their purpose, and trying to work out who is lying and who is telling the truth, but not enough for me to put my kindle down and give up all together.

 If you like a good easy reading physiological thriller or mystery, then go and get Girl On The Train and let me know what you think.  I for one would like to see this hit the big screen.

Mrs J xx

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