Fox and Anchor

When Mr J suggested going to The Fox and Anchor for dinner with our friends I was slightly a bit concerned and had the image of an old 70’s style east end pub with great food and Dave the local perched by the corner of the bar (his spot since 1979).  I was surprisingly proved wrong!
The Fox and Anchor is a great pub snuggled up a side road, a few minutes walk from Farringdon station.  As we walked in you really did get the old English pub vibe.  There were metal Beer tankards hanging from the top of the bar area and fresh pork pies lined up next to the drip trays.  The actual bar area is quite narrow with a few tables to the right but cosy enough for people to sit and for perchers by the bar area  The actual size of the pub is quite deceiving.  As when you walk through right to the back the area opens up to hold secluded booth areas that seat up to 4-8 people.  We were lucky enough to have reserved one of these for the night! One thing to note is it can get quite cosy in the booth so take care not to turn up in a thick jumper as it will feel like a sauna. Our Waitress was efficient and polite and not annoying in anyway, and managed to keep up with the boys pace of drinking – So well done to her!
Looking at the menu, they really have brought the Great British Menu back.  With a menu full of English classics such as Hamhock, champ and parsley sauce, Sausage and mash or Chicken and ham pie.  Not forgetting their locally brewed cask ales, and a great wine selection.  Here are a few pictures of our yummy dinner!
Stilton, Chicory and caramelised Pecan salad


Scotch Egg and Curried Mayo
Lamb Shank Fox Pie


Hamhock Champ and Parsley sauce


Ox Cheek


 Now even though I may have consumed way more than my calorie allowance in one evening (shh lets not tell my personal trainer), it was definitely worth the sacrifice.Mrs J xx

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