Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution is a highly intelligent interactive exhibition that has broken boundaries by bringing together different creative minds such as architects, musicians, and game developers.  Each pushing their own limits and working together to present digital creativity.  With creations such as augmented reality and wearable technology being around for a few years now, I was interested to see what the public’s reaction to such diverse inventions would be.

The exhibition itself was split into three zones, the first being the largest and in my opinion what makes the exhibition so successful.  Some of the things on show were first editions of computers and game consoles  and the use of technology in film and music.  Zone one was not only educational but fun, interactive and a trip down memory lane.  The second zone was located on the same level and for all you gamers out there it was a true gaming station set up.  If like me Tetris and Super Mario brothers is as far as your gaming memories go then this is an area you could ignore. The third and final zone was the lazer zone located down two levels near the cinema where lazers are projected down into a large darkened room where you can try and catch and guide the lazers (note do not look into the light).  A very clever concept that me and my friends struggled to master, but had fun in trying to do so! Now not wanting to ruin the exhibition for you, here are a few pictorial teasers of the event from Zone one:

Speak and Spell – Who had one of these?


Interactive Art


Interactive Art


Technology in fashion


Technology in fashion

The exhibition includes new commissions from artists such as Universal Everything, Global Artist, and Devart a new collaboration with Google exploring creative coding.

 The exhibition runs until the 14th of September 2014, at the Barbican centre

To read more about the exhibition click here.

 Standard tickets are £12.50 (with reduced prices for concession, students and children)

To purchase tickets click here.

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p.s What’s your favorite part of the exhibition?

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