The Cambridge Satchel Company and Vivienne Westwood

It’s July and there are so many exciting things happening that I just had to divert from my usual schedule to bring you the exciting launch of Vivienne Westwood for The Cambridge Satchel Company!

The new collection that has just been freshly launched consists of three different styles bags: the Music Bag, the Classic Satchel and the Mini Satchel. All are available in three different exciting designs.

If you’re a fashionista or a print lover, you will be happy to know that each of the bag designs has the Vivienne Westwood’s iconic squiggle print. The squiggle print first appeared on the pirate boots that were showcased in Vivienne and the late Malcom McLaren’s Autumn Winter 1981 Collection called Pirate. Taking further inspiration from the collection, all the bags in the Cambridge Satchel designs have also been fitted with replica straps and buckles as per the pirate boots.

So without further ado, Mrs Jonas Presents the Vivienne Westwood and The Cambridge Satchel Co Collection!

The Vivienne Westwood Music bags for £245


VW Music Bag £245


Coral Grey Squiggle Music Bag – £245


VW Music Bag £245 2


Jet Green Black Squiggle Music Bag- £245


VW Music Bag £245 3


Navy Yellow Squiggle Music Bag – £245



The Vivienne Westwood 14′ Satchel £215

V W Satchel £215


Coral Grey Squiggle 14′ Satchel £215



V W Satchel £215 2


Jet Green Black Squiggle 14′ Satchel £245

V W Satchel £215 3

Navy Yellow Squiggle 14′ Satchel £245


The Vivienne Westwood Tiny Satchel £115

VW Tiny £115


Coral Grey Squiggle Tiny Satchel £115

VW Tiny £115 2


Jet Green Black Squiggle Tiny Satchel £115

VW Tiny £115 3

Navy Yellow Squiggle Tiny Satchel £115


What’s your favourite bag?

Mrs J xx

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