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Blow Dry bars have become a bit of a craze over the past year and a half, taking the whole wash and go tag line to another level. With ever increasing busy schedules, you no longer have to book months in advance to get your hair blow dried. You can drop in, call on the day, or pick up your phone to call and have an expert turn up at your door within the hour! But with so much variety, how do you separate the good from the bad? Well simple trial and error will do or by a smarter move like reading other people’s reviews like mine! I’m not an expert on blow dry bars by any means, but I know a good experience from a bad one, and so Bardou gets my star recommendation! Keep on reading to find out why.


Bardou, the salon that is more than just a salon, provides a range of services to suit your hair needs around your diary and lifestyle. Whether you want a blowdry, an up do or extensions, Bardou can provide them all. Also boasting their own styling products and assessors, you can take away products suitable for your hair type and try and re-create the magic at home.




Mrs J’s verdict

I’m very particular about the way that I style my hair (well I suppose everyone is in some way or another). I know what I like and what I don’t like and I also know what I wish my hair would look like. What I liked about Bardou from the minute I walked in was the custom and customer service from all its team. Firstly, I was welcomed and addressed by my name. This may sound like a small thing but it is my upmost bug bearer when you have a booking somewhere and the staff has not paid attention to who is coming and when. Secondly, I was asked what I would like to have done by my stylist, Elle, to which my response was: ‘Make me look like a Beverly Hills House wife, lots of volume’. Yes we laughed but she got what I meant by I wanted to look like me, but a different me. Now some people like to sit and read while I don’t mind chatting. Elle was friendly, funny and talked me through the whole process so if I wanted to try and achieve the look at home myself I could. The end look was just what I wanted. My hair wasn’t overloaded with product which I was surprised and impressed by as there have been times when I’ve had my hair blow dried and ended up having to wash it the very next day as my hair was weighed down with product and became itchy! Here is what the better version of me looked like!

All in all, I was in and out in under an hour. The blow dry lasted four days (with a spritz of dry shampoo here and there). Will I be going back? Hell yes!

I had the Signature Bardou Blow-dry which costs £35


Bardou is located at Covent Garden and is open form 9-9pm Tuesday to Saturday, Telephone: 0203 793 71.35.  Prices start from £20.

To book or visit the Bardou website click here.

Mrs J xx

*I was a guest of Bardou.

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