SWIG – Exceptional Hip Flasks for Exceptional People

A few weeks ago, Mr J’s friend aka today’s groom-to-be, Tim, asked me what he should get Mr J as a gift for being his best man and honestly, I was stumped and lost for inspiration. You see, we all get to that age when there really isn’t ever a need for anything, more of a want. The only real thing I could think of that Mr J might like are things that I wanted; i.e. a new sofa, flooring in the front room and oh, that coffee table that we keep on putting off purchasing! Therefore, there was nothing that I could share with Tim but more of a wish list for myself.

A few weeks and an extensive search later, I’m still probed with the same question and a good understanding of how hard it really is to buy a man who has everything a gift!

So, Mrs Jonas recommends SWIG!



Harris Tweed Brown Flask – £69 

SWIG is the UK’s first hip flask brand, dedicated to making the best flasks on the market. The simplistic design and streamlined body of the flask is made from one piece of stainless steel. The flat based flask easily stands up straight on its own weight and therefore is easy to refill, funnel or no funnel. Novelty gifts aside, there really is a practical element to the SWIG flask especially with winter creeping up on us. Whether you like going on long winter walks or skiing or if snowboarding is your thing, a little swig from your SWIG flask will have you warmed up and ready to go. Or why not give SWIG as a gift? Perfect for the nervous groom, or even the more nervous best man bricking giving his speech today!

SWIG flasks can be bought naked or personalised with your chosen pouch and engraving. What the creators of SWIG are most proud about is their SWIG society! The society is an exclusive club for SWIG owners with each flask is individually numbered acting as a passport. So why not join the SWIG club (here) and share your SWIG adventures from around the world? SWIG naked flasks start from £41. To view the SWIG collection, click here.


So whilst the question asked was not a gift intended for the groom, Tim, SWIG welcomes the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Harrison, to the club!

Where will your next SWIG adventure take you?

Mrs J xx

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