Sunday thoughts contemplating those life goals!


Happy Sunday! As the first week of January comes to a close I was starting to feel a bit conscious that I was totally avoiding writing that obligatory ‘2015 review’ or ‘goals review’ post. So, on my first ‘I have no plans Sunday’ of the year (hopefully with many more to come), I’m feeling wide awake and refreshed – just the perfect time of day to reflect on 2015 and to see how last year’s goals planned out for me! If you need a refresher just like I do on what those are, you can read my post here.

So back to what the future and what my 2015 goals were: learn to say no, be on time, bedtime social media ban, read more, cut out the crap and, see more of my best friend. Here’s how they all planned out….

Learn to say no – Okay so I have to admit that I always blame Mr J for having the #fearofmissingout but this time, I have to confess that I’ve probably been more the culprit. Combine that with not wanting to let people down, two sets of friends, two sets of family and work commitments. Thus, having any time for myself has been pretty non-existent in 2015. So a few home truths later, 2016 is going to be different. If any of my friends or family is reading this and I happen to decline an invite then, please, don’t be offended. You are simply helping me achieve this goal and have a bit of ‘me time’.

Be on time – So this is the most common reoccurring argument that most couples have about – being on time (or someone’s lack of!). Hands up, that’s me! This year, I have been making a huge effort to make sure that I am not making Mr J late. Now admittedly the year didn’t kick off to a great start but a few arguments later and me making an extra effort, we have flipped to other extreme and have even managed to be the first to arrive on a few occasions! Now obviously this is a goal that I can’t really judge myself on so I asked Mr J to give me a rating out of ten! Verdict = 5….. I guess this is something I’m going to have to continue to work on into 2016.

Bedtime social media ban – Being a digital couple can have its advantages but when it comes to wanting to switch off and go to sleep, it can be your worst nightmare! The dreaded blue screen combined with a racing mind and that tweet that you just have to respond to can get addictive and encroach on what is meant to be your sacred resting spot. As funny as this may sound to everyone, we’ve imposed a 10pm social media and main light off rule so that we turn off the devices and actually relax. Whilst I totally appreciate the benefit of this, I do tend to work late so it always doesn’t work. However, with the use of scheduling tools and planning ahead, I plan to carry on practising this into 2016.

Read more – At the beginning of last year I set myself the task of reading two books a month and read some great books that I reviewed on the blog: The Memory Book, Girl On The Train, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (just to name a few). My reading didn’t really follow the two-a-month rule and as a result there was a bit of binge reading on holidays going on. But with the bedtime social media ban in place, I started taking up other activities such as knitting, discovering the world of podcasts and even knitting! All of which I am still continuing to do.

Cut out the crap – This is the holy grail of any serial dieter and so it begins again. Whilst I am quite good with my food I am also really good at indulging (that 4pm slump when the office snacks come out are my total weakness). Now if you have read this far, you must now be aware that there is a pattern forming and you have probably asked yourself how is this year going to be any different? Well…this year I am preparing not to fail! Starting with when I cleared out all the kitchen cupboards on Monday and banished all the ‘bad’ food replacing it with fresh healthy mean greens. Phase two – planning my meals. Prepping and planning out what I am going to eat for every meal means two things: one, we don’t waste any food and two, there is no room for deviation. Lastly, exercise! Yes, I’m going to get that booty back down to the gym!

See more of my best friend – This is one that I totally nailed! Not only did I see more of this gorgeous lady but I also managed to sneak in a little trip to Jamaica with her! So whilst we have another date set (if you’re reading this Jess there is still room for improvement), I wonder where is our next adventure too?

Do you have any New Year goals/resolutions this year?

Mrs J xx

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