My Sunday Night Facial Routine!

Happy Sunday! After a busy weekend of socialising with our family and friends (quite usual in the Jonas household), I like to take a bit of time out: light a candle, read a magazine and go into full on face mask and nail painting mode. If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat, you would have seen that every now and then, I post what my current Sunday night routine is. And with such a great response I thought that I would replicate my April facial in slightly a bit more detail in case you wish try any of it out for yourself. Before I go into listing out my current routine, I want to state that I am in no way a skincare guru. Everyone’s skin type is different and what works for me may not work for you. My skin changes throughout the year, seasonal and hormonally. So without any more ramblings from me, here is my current April Sunday night routine!

Sunday night facial routine

Gatineau Gentle Eye Makeup Remover* – this is my first month of using the Gatineau Eye Makeup Remover, thank you to the lovely people at Lookfantastic. As I probably wear more eye makeup than the average person, I always struggle to find a good remover. I also like to invest and wear good mascaras but they can be tough to remove. Gatineau is a brand I happen to be familiar with as my local salon uses it for their facials which I’ve had. So what are my thoughts? This remover is effective and removes 95% of my eye makeup. It doesn’t sting but it does give off a chemical smell which I’m not a total fan of. I would recommend investing in a good eye cream as the eye area may feel a bit dry.

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water – Next on the cleansing routine is the Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water. I’m a total fan of this and regularly go back to it time and time again. It’s light on the skin, great at removing all the dirt so much so that if you really couldn’t wash your face, then this could be the perfect weapon. So for all you festival goers this summer, head on over to Caudalie to stock up!

Skyn Iceland Pure Proud Cleanser – since my trip to Iceland in February, I have been obsessed with Icelandic skincare. So when I rediscovered this purchase that I had totally forgotten about, it was time to get testing. This effective creamy cleanser gets applied to a dry face post cleaning. I lightly massage my face to make sure all the dirt is lifted off and use a wet flannel to clean it away. Now most creamy cleansers come with the muslin cleansing cloth, but, as I’m bound to have some makeup on my face and don’t want to cover the cloth in left over foundation, I always use the cloth in my second cleanse! Now instead of switching up my cleanser, I just dry my face and use the same cream cleanser.

Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask – during my trip to Iceland, we visited the famous Blue Lagoon. The Lagoon water is full of minerals and silica that is great for the skin. After testing the silica mud mask and leaving me with the softest skin ever, I, of course, had to buy some of this magic to take home with me! The Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask is not cheap but a whole tube will last you a really long time. Recommended use is two to three times a week; let’s see if I can manage to just keep up with the one.

Sönd Skin Hydrating face spray – this comes next following on the silica skincare route. This hydrating spray, some may say, is an unnecessary step. But if you’re into layering your hydration, have dry skin, or like to top up with a little spritz throughout the day, then this is the spray for you. You can read my post on the full Sönd skincare range here.

Balance Me Eye Cream – eye cream, like cuticle cream, is something that I always tend to forget or just skip out of laziness. However, as I am in my 30’s now, it’s time to start paying attention. I love the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream and this is my third tube! It’s light, non greasy, kind and hydrating to the eye area. Plus it’s one of the best organic/natural skincare brands around. If you haven’t tried it yet, by all means, do so! The Balance Me Facial Oil is a winner too!

Sönd Skin Replenishing Face Oil – finally the last step! Now oils don’t work for everyone. I, for one, have combination skin and with that I mean it’s dry at times, flared up or oily. At the moment (touch wood) I’m in a good place which is probably down to the fact that I’m less stressed, getting more sleep, drinking more water and generally eating better. However, it’s not quite summer yet and whilst I may have removed myself from an air conditioned office environment, I still have the natural elements and the central heating left to play havoc with my skin. So to smooth my dry skin, I’m opting for the Sönd face oil.

Now that folks is a wrap! Let me know if you like this type of post and would like to see more posts on my Sunday night facials as they change.

Mrs J xx

P.S. Do you have any product recommendations for me?

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