Summer Secrets By Jane Green

Jane Green

I have read nearly every Jane Green book going (with exception to two that I have in my pile of ‘to read’ books). Each book Jane writes, I have had no complaints with. Starting with the first book that I picked up called Jeminia J. Each plot is carefully thought, with just enough detail to get you hooked and wanting more. Whilst most authors tend to have a particular style or type of character that they write about, Jane manages to keep her fans engaged coming up with new characters and giving a little more than just a chick lit.

Summer Secrets is written round the main character Cat, a divorced alcoholic. The story begins with the reader finding Cat rummaging in the back of her kitchen cupboard and finding an old bottle of Vodka. Immediately, the scene is taken back to a time in Cat’s life when she was happy and still with her husband. The book then goes further back to what Cat’s life was like growing up and being with her parents. All these led to the present day situation of Cat being in recovery and following the 12 steps to make amends to all those that she had hurt on the way. The story goes back and forth between times for the first few chapters to set the scene of Cat’s mum’s big revelation. Not wanting to spoil anything for you, the revelation leads Cat to Nantucket, to the very place where her mother grew up and where she has family that she never knew about and where the summer secrets begin! This book is funny, serious (on the alcohol front), predictable at times and full of twists that you don’t expect. Oh and you will totally fall in love with Nantucket, a place that I have added onto my bucket list of places to visit. Let’s hope that it lives up to the hype.

Mrs J xx


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