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It’s not often (actually quite possibly rare) that I recommend something to you all before it has even happened.  However, this was one thing that I had to shout out about! If you don’t happen to live in a cave, are female (men you can attend as well) and can get your hands on a free copy of the Stylist magazine weekly then you will know that Stylist Live is happening! For those of you that are cursing me right now as you always miss a copy but own an iPhone, get downloading – it’s free.

So back to Stylist Live. It is the first of its kind four-day event being hosted by Stylist Magazine at the Islington Business centre from the 15th to the 18th of October.  The only way I can sum up the event in my imagination is this: it is everything in the Stylist Magazine coming to life. Four days of discussions, laughter, food, fashion, beauty and hopefully loads of selfies and life advice.  The event itself is hosted by Edith Bowman and Dawn O’Porter.  Whether you want to go to a catwalk show, attend a book signing or hear your favorite artist – there is something for everyone! I am really excited that one of my favourite female comedians, Luisa Omelian, is going to be at the event giving an exclusive performance highlighting some of her sell out show ‘Am I Right Ladies!‘ To read more about Luisa in previous posts, click here.

Having been to some of the Stylist Magazines #LifeLessons in the past, I can guarantee that this will be a good event. The talks (should you attend to any) will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated to achieve your dreams!  To read about a previous Stylist #LifeLessons that I’ve attended, click here.

To review the Stylist Live line up, click here.

To book your tickets, click here.

See you there!

Mrs J xx

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