Struggling to find that perfect foundation match?

Finding that perfect foundation match can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With no universal colour wheel for brands to create foundations by shades, texture and pigments, one tends to change from brand to brand. With the type of foundation choice also being added to the mix like dewy, natural, radiant, matt, illuminating, mousse etc – you get what I’m saying here – there is a lot of choice! Then at last you get the final nail in the coffin (as they say), the dreaded holiday tan that you wanted, that looked great while you were away in Jamaica or Palma like me, but then results in none of your makeup matching your skin tone when you return home. This is perfectly normal (in case you didn’t know). Our skin tone changes as we age and throughout the year with the change of seasons and especially after prolonged stints in the sun.

Boots No7

So what happens when you find that perfect shade and it no longer becomes perfect anymore?

Well don’t panic but have a #TaDah moment like me and go and have you skin colour match made via the Boots No.7 Match Made service and let them do the hard work! After hearing about a recent British Airways 9:20am flight from Dubai International Airport to London Heathrow (to be specific) where No7 Advisors boarded to help returning holiday makers find their perfect shade for their post-holiday glow with the very clever Match Make machine, I was keen to have a go!
The Match Make machine takes a few seconds to read your skin and let you know what your perfect match shade is. What’s also another #TaDah moment is that once you have found your perfect shade, a very handy little card can perfectly match the ideal lipstick and blush shade to your skin tone at that time! So whilst I’m normally a deeply honey, I’m now a very brown mocha! Whilst it’s very obvious when your foundation shade is the wrong colour, it never really occurred to me why sometimes when I try on certain lipstick shades, they suit me and other times they don’t. Well now it all makes sense!
Even as my tan not may be a permanent fixture, it was great to see that I now have the right shade of brown that flattered my skin tone and at a very affordable price tag.

Shades I am wearing:

(Top Image)

Perfect Stay Foundation in Mocha £14.50

Intelligent Colour Foundation in Dark £15.50

(Bottom Image left to right)

Moisture Drench Lipstick in shade Spring Pink £9.95

Moisture Drench Lipstick in shade Soft Ruby £9.95

Berry Crush Powder Blush £9

Plum Velvet Powder Blush £9

Mrs J xx

The No7 Match Made Service is free and available in Boots stores nationwide.

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