Step up with Mahabis and reinvent your slipper!

Some people like going barefoot in the home while others like wearing slippers. As for me, well, I’m a total slipper girl! Not because I have a weird thing about walking barefoot, more because I like to keep my tootsies nice and cosy as opposed to two ice blocks at the end of my feet!
I’ve literally tried, bought and worn probably all different types of slippers going so when I discovered Mahabis, the casual, simplistic and highly functional slipper brand, I simply had to recommend!….

Mahabis is the luxury unisex slipper brand that has taken wearing a slipper in and outside of the home to new heights! Born in London and manufactured in Portugal, this is a truly European brand. So, let’s learn about it a bit more.

The Mahabis slipper shoe is lightweight in design with an effortless lightweight sole to be worn in the house. With an easy slip on/off heel comfort, the slipper is secure and comfortable to wear and walk in, moulding to your foot. The lining is soft (as a slipper should be) sheep’s wool, providing warmth and comfort while letting your feet breathe. Now for the clever bit:


The Mahabis unique design means that with one flick and one click, you can attach a coloured sole of your choice, transforming your indoor slipper to practical and safe outdoor footwear and this is how it’s done:


Secure the front part of the shoe in the sole

Push the back heel in place through the rubber hole

Click into place
Larvik Dark Grey with Rjukan Red sole – £59

The Mahabis Classic Slippers currently come in two colours, Larvik Light Grey and Larvik Dark Grey. Each pair comes with one free sole (from a choice of seven colours) and can be bought from £59 – here.


And if you really want to be individual, pick and mix your soles to create a new look!
To learn more about Mahabis, click here.

Mrs J xx

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