Steam and Rye

Got the Sunday blues? Dreading Monday morning? Then do what I did and make Monday’s the new Thursday and meet with an old friend for a long overdue catch up and a few cocktails or a glass of wine. When my friend Sophie suggested meeting on a Monday night I was picturing a cafe Nero in the city and a cup of green tea, not a bar on a Monday night with a Rodeo Challenge!
Mrs Jonas recommends Steam and Rye!
Steam and Rye is a new secluded bar right in the city centre housed in the old building for the Bank of New York. Maybe this is where the theme of a 1940’s saloon style American bar came from. The bar is the new collaboration between Kelly Brook (model) and Nick House (bar owner and the man behind Whiskey Mist and Mahiki). Having done my research I expected glamour and very over the top decor which lived true to it’s name, especially on arrival when I was greeted by this flamboyant lady in the picture below.

 Walking inside the main room you really did feel transported back to to US or the early 90’s due to the music (depending on your age).  The dining area is set up like a steam train carriage, with stars and stripes draped all around the room.  The main highlight has to be the large mechanical bull that is right in the centre of the room.

The music at Steam and Rye made me want to get up and dance.  There is nothing better than a few girlie power ballads to sing along to, especially with my voice.  The surprise of the night was when the table next to us had their bottle of Grey Goose Vodka bought over in a Shark head with the theme song from Baywatch being blasted out for all to hear.  Im not going to lie I was a teeny bit jealous.  If singing along to Baywatch is a bit too much for you then there is the basement bar, which boasts a VIP area with waiters, dim lights and comfy sofas.
So if your up for the Monday night legendary Rodeo & Bull challenge then get yourself down to Steam and Rye. Below is some pic’s of our yummy dinner.
 Have you been to Steam and Rye?  and have you ridden the Bull?
Mrs J xx

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