Staying safe in Cyprus with Nuxe Sun

Visiting Cyprus during one of the hottest months of the year may sound BAT SHIT CRAZY to some people, but hey, that’s how things worked out for me and Mr J this year and I certainly am not complaining.  Whilst I go into complete melt down when temperatures reach over 30°C in London, when you have a sunbed, some shade and an inviting pool at your disposal, any whinging on my part goes out of the window! Having been to very hot destinations before where temperatures are soaring to levels that you would expect during the middle of the day before breakfast, and continue to maintain at levels we can only dream of well into the night, there is only one thing for it…. hello Nuxe and hello Factor 50!

So, regardless of the sun care brand I use when it comes to sun protection, the highest factor available is my first point of call. Next, comes application (no one wants to look purple) and then comes scent.  I’m a sucker for a good scent! I turned to Nuxe as my sun care brand of choice this year as I figured after being a fan of their multi-purpose dry oil (which smells amazing), their sun care range was bound to be good too!  Here’s what I’ve been using:

NUXE Sun Fondant Cream for Face SPF 50 (£17 for 50ml)  – I’m a daily SPF wearer (yes, factor 50 practically all year around, and factor 30 on cloudy days). I normally find that facial SPF creams are quite thick, and with the excessive sweating in the heat can cause a breakout on the first few days of a holiday (does anyone else experience this?). This year, I did quite well with just two spots and I definitely know that was not down to the state of my skin but the Nuxe formula. This cream melts into the skin like a balm and is ideal for all skin types but especially fairer skin, and has worked really well on sensitive areas of my face and neck. Interestingly, Nuxe says that this cream limits the appearance of dark spots which I believe to be true for me.  Having naturally darker skin that is prone to pigmentation, long periods of sun exposure can sometimes enhance any dark marks rather than help them fade away.

NUXE Sun Milky Spray for Face and Body SPF 20 (£18 for 150ml)You’re probably wondering why I’ve gone from a factor 50 to a factor 20? Well, this face and body spray is easy to use due to its practical spray format but is also ideal for when we are out and about in the late evening sun when it may not be quite as hot but a certain level of protection is needed. The fragrance again is divine with notes of Sweet Orange, Tahitian Gardenia and Vanilla.

NUXE Sun After-Sun Hair & Body Shampoo (£10 for 200ml) I’m familiar with after sun products, shampoos, and products that are on the market that protect your skin and hair from the effects of the sun or chlorine but, this is a first hair and body combo that I’ve seen.  Being totally honest, I really thought that I wouldn’t like this product and that it was totally unnecessary! However, after using it last week, I do believe it has earned a place in my wash bag.  Removing the endless layers of sun protection in the shower is something I’m convinced I never really achieve. This hair and body shampoo, with Sun and Water Flowers, gently cleanses and removes all residues (UV filters, salt, chlorine and sand), leaving you prepped and ready for your next layer of after sun care!

What are your favourite sun protection products?

To view the Nuxe Sun care range click here.

Mrs J xx

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