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Starskin Sheet Masks

When you’ve been faced with a few very rainy grey days kick-starting the month of June, and as the weekend officially started early for me (as I’m off on my very good friend Vicky’s hen do) it’s time to get red carpet ready! And with that I mean the full on pamper session is about to kick off! Eyebrows, nails, exfoliation, defuzzing (as yes, this weekend will involve bare legs and heels) and my good old trusty false eyelashes! However first things first – the hen do location… unfortunately that is still a secret! Sorry! But if you want to see what the weekend shenanigans involve then head on over to my Snapchat account @MrsJRecommends and I will share as much as the bride-to-be allows me to!

Now as hen do’s for your favourite people only happen just the once, I’ve decided to go all out and have been saving my Starskin Sheet masks for just this occasion. Starting with the ‘Red Carpet Ready’ Hydrating Mask and ending the weekend with the ‘After Party’ brightening Mask, hopefully, no one will be none the wiser!

So what exactly are these second skin face masks?

They are highly infused face masks/serums that combine essential skincare ingredients into the skin. Each mask has different ingredients. The Hydrating one that I have just used is formulated with naturally fermented coconut juice which, after a twenty minute application, is meant to give a camera ready glow!

Mrs J’s Verdict – Okay so I have to say I have read all the hype about these sheet masks and have seen many selfies being posted with people wearing them. Now I’m not saying that I wasn’t convinced that they didn’t work. I just didn’t get the whole sheet over your face look that makes you look a bit like Hannibal Lecter. Then there was also the “will I feel a bit claustrophobic with a mask on my face” concern. In reality, the mask was easy to use and so thin that you didn’t really notice it was there. The fact that it was a once-use-only mask, I took the time to enjoy it! Twenty minutes with some chilled out music on was well worth the price tag. The mask itself works this way: Applied onto a clean dry face, the middle sheet mask that is already infused with serum is separated and and applied to the face, allowing the magic to happen. With most masks you wash your face after. However, with the hydrating one, it’s only the sheet mask that gets removed while the serum stays on the face, providing the perfect base for makeup application. I tend to not want to put makeup on post a face mask and as I’ve done this mask before the big adventure, I want to really reap the benefits of great skin. A sheet mask is not the cheapest of masks around but for an intense boost or a special treat its well worth splashing out on.  I’ve woken up with really soft hydrated skin and can’t wait to try the After Party mask.

Starskin masks start from £6.95, check out their full range here.

Mrs J xx

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  • I love a sheet mask! They’re not for everybody though, some people just don’t like the feel of them on their face. You can normally tell the next day when you’ve used one, the good ones are great moisturisers. Also the animal ones are hilarious to share on Instagram. I do find the ones you can get in the UK to be overly pricey though. I get mine from Korea and they’re usually in the £1 to £3 range.

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