Spring Polishes with Mavala

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Welcome to the official start of the Great British Summer!

If you’re feeling slightly confused as to what the time is, sorry folks you did lose an hour of precious beauty sleep last night. On the bright side the days are going to be longer and brighter, and those toes that have been hidden away in boots  all winter will be coming out to play soon! In a bid to get your nails and toes looking great; here are my current favourite spring polishes by Mavala.



Mavala is a Swiss brand that spans over 50 years of nail care expertise. Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghen through the introduction of their best selling Nail Harder, Mavala went on to expand into other areas such as face and feet.  With over 150 Mavala nail colours pinning my top three for spring was a small challenge.  Not being one to always play by the rules and just stick to the traditional pastel Spring colours my first choice is 168 South Beach Pink – a hot pink (which just like a good red never goes out of fashion).  My next two choices can be bought in a Marvela Pastel Trio – 180 Candy Floss and 182 Melon.  The pink candy floss to me is an adult pink shade that is not too out there and can be worn with almost any outfit. The Fresh Melon was a bit of a wild card in choice for me,  if I’m being honest I have never worn an orange nail varnish shade before (unless you count a coral as a kind or orange shade) and wanted to give it it a go. The Polishes themselves come in a nice sized bottle, with a good sized brush for application.  The polish applies well even on the first coat, so if your in a rush one coat will do.  As with every polish a good base and top coat will make the polish last longer. I got away with two chip free days with no top coat- and ladies – that for me is amazing.


Swatches from Left to right:

180 Candy Floss

182 Fresh Melon

168 South Beach Pink



To buy the Mavala Pastel Trio clickhere




To buy the Mavala Bright Trio click – here

To view the Mavala Collection click here

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