Spring Clean your wardrobe in four easy steps

It’s officially Spring, the one time of year that legitimises the nation having a good old clear out! Spring cleaning sounds like a chore but it is something that a lot of us actually enjoy. After a year of accumulating stuff, it’s the perfect time to have a little clear out and get rid of those unwanted Christmas presents that you have been storing away! Me, personally, I tend to get a bit of OCD and want to tornado myself through the home cleaning out every corner, cupboard and drawer in an attempt to get back some order into our chaotic lives. Now I’m not claiming to be Mary Kondo and I have no experience on whether things are Feng Shui’d into the right place! But what I do have experience of is space saving and a long desire to not turn into a hoarder, typical in our family. So I focus my spring cleaning tips with things that I use/do and ideas that I have picked up from being all Trinny and Susannah with my friend Sarah, when she summoned me to help her have a good clear out of her ever expanding wardrobe.


Spring cleaning tips

Organise – Organisation is the key. Some people say that to be organised, you need to live off a capsule wardrobe. In that I mean something like 25 pieces of items that you use and mix and match on a daily basis. Now to me (and to most people that I know including Mr J) that is near enough impossible mainly as I love shopping and 25 items is just a harsh limit! But to make sure that you make the most of your wardrobe and utilities, it is important that you have your own way of knowing where each and every item is. Some people organise via colour, others by groups i.e. tops/dresses, etc – all sorted out accordingly. I tend to go via groups and as I wear one item, I put it towards the back of that group after it is washed so that everything gets worn in rotation.

Storage aids – Storage organisers, boxes, hangers, etc are excellent space savers and a great way to keep everything organised. I don’t tend to split my summer and winter wardrobe fully but what I do separate are my ‘holiday clothes’ that sit all boxed. Other things that I do as the weather gets warmer, is keep my thicker jumpers and the like towards the back of the wardrobe shelving. That way, what I want to wear is more visible in the front on a daily basis. Other great storage items are things like clear shoe boxes that you can get from Ikea. The majority of my shoes now sit in shoe boxes with clear flaps which means that I can see what footwear I have and rotate it as I do my clothes.

One year rule – Okay so this is a bit of a cliché or no brainer, but if you haven’t worn something in the past year (unless it’s some fancy dress item or a sentimental piece of clothing) then why do you still have it? My excuse for holding onto something is always I’m going to fit into it or it’s going to come back into fashion. Well 90% of the time that item will still be sitting there another year later, unworn! So do what I did this year and get rid.

Visualise/Display – So my last tip is a bit of an odd one as it splits into two but makes sense in the end. I think this applies with anything whether clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc:  if you can see it or visualise it, you will wear it. This is why when picking things out of the wardrobe in a hurry, we tend to pick the item that is mot next to us. Hence tip two of storage aids and seeing what you have really helps. One way to use/wear everything is to have it on display. My best friend recently redecorated her home with open plan wardrobes! Yes, I’m talking no doors. This means that everything is visualised, tidy and gets worn. Other ways to put this into practice is to plan what you are going to wear. One of my old work colleagues set a new year’s resolution that she would plan what she was going to wear the week/night before as everyday she would waste half an hour deciding. The whole process was win-win situation for she got an extra half an hour in bed and didn’t have to worry about what to wear! Also, she rediscovered clothes in the back of her wardrobe that she tragically forgot about. Then finally I want to address the accessory/jewellery scenario. I, for now, have a lot of jewellery and it is the last thing I think about putting on when I get dressed which is often why I am seen not wearing any at all. A jewellery stand or some simple hooks on the wall are a great way to display and to see what you have. If you can see it, you are reminded to wear it!

I can’t say that I’ve totally been converted by my old ways but having a clear out this spring definitely got rid of a few cobwebs and tragic fashion errors that didn’t even make the fancy dress pile!

What are your wardrobe spring cleaning tips?

Mrs J xx

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