Spotlight: Sachajuan Haircare Review

It’s not often (okay, actually practically never) that I write about or review hair care. One: because that’s the one area that I don’t really experiment on; and two: because I’ve actually been a bad girl and have been neglecting my locks. So whilst everyone who has seen me recently has commented on how long my hair has grown, what they don’t know is that I’ve skipped a haircut and have basically been synching my hair for the past few months (November/December being the biggest culprit, and with hairdryers, tongs, straighteners…you get the picture). Quite shameful, really, as it’s not like I don’t own a few different hair masks. So a few weeks ago, the realisation hit me that there was no escaping the split ends and to avoid further damage, I booked myself in for a trim and told the lovely Valentina that I wanted to have luscious-looking hair like Olivia Palmero. With over an inch off, I’m determined to get the length back but more importantly to improve the condition of my hair. One of my hair gripes is thickness and whilst I don’t have fine hair, I love that thick, full bouncy hair look and so I’ve switched up my routine to experiment with the Sachajuan Professional Haircare range to thicken and repair my hair.

Sachjuan is a professional Swedish haircare brand available to the masses. With simple almost medicine-like packaging, the focus is given primarily to the actual product and their signature ‘Ocean Silk’ technology. To most of us, this is a different sea algae, one that is used to make up the product to help boost the hair’s natural moisture, shine and overall look, and here’s what I’ve been using:

Thickening Shampoo – rebuilds, repairs and protects against free radicals and heat styling (ideal for fine and thinning hair).

Thickening Conditioner – revives limp locks whilst working with the shampoo to give the hair a lift and add volume.

Hair Repair – this luxurious deep conditioning treatment which contains a combination of minerals, proteins and vitamin, restores life to the hair.

Volume Cream – this light formula adds moisture and lifts the hair to give volume when heat-styling your hair.

Mrs J’s Verdict – I always get a bit anxious when we have to use two bottles, maybe more, of hair products and you might wonder why. Well I, for one, can feel when there are too many products being used and my hair gets stripped of its natural goodness. Whilst it feels soft, it has zero volume or lift and often gets greasy really quickly due to my hair having to compensate for being over clean or having too much product in it. And then we get into a cycle of over washing. Being mindful of this, I was careful not to overuse each of the products and in-between washes, was also careful to not overload my hair with other products. Having gone from using no intense conditioner to using one three times a week, I can feel a difference in my hair: it’s softer and feels less straw like. As for thickening shampoo/conditioner, I wouldn’t say that I’m overly convinced about it just yet, but a bit of volume cream and careful blow-drying technique has definitely seen that volume get back into my hair. If there is one hero product I would recommend to purchase, it would be the hair repair cream. Not only does it do what it says on the bottle but, it smells damn bloody good too! Sachajuan product start from £13 and can be found on

Mrs J xx

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