Sönd skincare for people with sensitive skin

Running my site, Mrs Jonas Recommends, means that I actively look for, find or come across new skincare and beauty brands that launch on the market. Whilst I am up for trying and testing new products, these days I am a little more picky about what these brands are – their ingredients and the effects they claim to have,  initial or long term. Which brings me onto a new skincare brand, Sönd, targeted at those of us with sensitive skin who want to maintain or improve the condition of it. Like many skincare brands that claim to be ‘anti ageing’, Sönd does too. But for now it’s a term that I shall overlook as this range is not about making us look ten years younger but more about nourishing the skin via its hero ingredient, Silica! It is a natural mineral known to have a number of health care benefits. For us, the most beneficial is the effects it has on the skin, aiding the production of collagen and acting as anti-inflammatory.

Sond Skincare

Sönd has created a skincare system to take effect from outside and within, with direct skincare topical solutions and supplements to aid from inside. The current skincare system consists of four products that can be used all together or in pairings that complement each other.

Sond Skincare

Hydrating Face Spray £24 – This refreshing moisture boost spray is great for sensitive or irritated skin and is a high strength silica-water-based solution, the perfect hydration solution for dry skin.

Replenishing Face Oil £34 – The silica mixed with coconut oil in this product gives the skin additional hydration and essential moisture. It’s perfect to use post a spritz of the Sond Hydrating Face Spray, both morning and night followed by a moisturiser. I find the best use of oils at night just before I go to bed when I can cover my face in them for thorough absorption overnight allowing for brighter and radiant skin the next day.

Revitalising Face Serum £42 – Like most serums, this product is great at reducing and soothing out the skin hence any fine lines and wrinkles become less visible. It is for this very reason serums act great as a base before makeup application. Just one or two drops of this serum will be enough to give the skin a boost.

Energising Mineral Supplements £28– Lastly we have the mineral supplements. Now I’m always a bit sceptical about taking supplements and can’t say that I have taken them personally. However, what they claim to do is aid collagen production, improve moisture retention and hydration, strengthen the skin, limit hyper pigmentation and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Sond Skincare

Mrs J’s verdict – Sönd has become a great addition to my skincare routine, especially the hydrating face spray. I never realised the benefits of silica and only really learnt about them recently from my visit to Iceland. There I visited the Blue Lagoon, a large geothermal lagoon made up of a unique composition of three active ingredients: silica, algae and minerals. After just a day soaking in and applying face masks made up of the natural goodness, it made my skin feel smoother, hydrated and fresher. Having bought some samples as you do post leaving the lagoon, I was converted that there was definitely something in the mineral composition that was working…or it could have just been the fresh volcanic water I was drinking. Either way, give me something silica-based and I’m ready to give it a go. I’ve not tested out the supplements as I barely remember to take my cod liver oil and vitamin C tablets on a daily basis so no point adding to the daily disappointment. The hydrating spray/oil and serum are a hit of course. Give me a few more weeks and we may have a case similar to that of Benjamin Button! But for now here is how I am using the trio: the spray I use morning and evening after I have cleansed allowing a few minutes for the solution to sink in; the oil for me is a night time thing; and the serum I use post spray and before moisturising. I would highly recommend trying out Sönd for yourself to get that silica glow! You can shop the range here. If you have never tried any silica products before then why not test out their sample pack with miniature versions of the whole range for £25?

Mrs J xx

*pr sample

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