Slendertone for the Abs


I’ve been putting off writing this post out of sheer embarrassment, but then I probably embarrass myself on a daily basis somehow. I’m going to go head first (or abs first) into giving my views on Slendertone. My first memories of  Slendertone are from when I was a kid when it was a TV Shopping led craze. Your mum, your older sister and even your gran owned one.  It was being advertised everywhere, but there was still this slight stigma of actually admitting that you might need to tone up.  In the excercise world this was a very new tool to the market, people in my surrounding friends and family group were just getting into the idea of being a gym member let alone strapping on a vibrating belt!  There is no doubt in my mind that allot of people liked the idea of  Slendertone –  some may have even been using it (but behind closed doors). When I had the chance to do a Slendertone trial I was game to see if technology like this really worked.  Before I dive into my thoughts here is a few bits of need to know info:

Slendertone was founded over 50 years ago.  It’s unique products can be bought to tone your abs, arms, face and bottom!

The Abs pack works on the unique three-pad placement on a belt that wraps around the abdomen like a corset.  The belt releases small contractions that stimulate nerve clusters in that area, which over time works and trains the muscles in that area to be firmer and stronger.

When I first decided to take on the Slendertone trial I didn’t really have any expectations.  I knew I wasn’t going to get Abs like Jessica Alba over night, that’s not achieved by a belt  – that is pure hard work and sweat! What I did hope was that the belt would help the toning process along with the regular excerise that I was already doing. When I first came home with the Slendertone Abs box just before Christmas I did think “oh god what I have I done”.  Opening the box and taking the product out in front of me reminded me of a WWF wrestling belt.  After taking the pads out and carefully attaching them to the belt, I wrapped the belt around my waist and turned the belt on. If you have never tried any of the Slendertone products before then it can be an odd feeling like tiny vibrations that feel a bit odd but not uncomfortable.  The belt itself is comfortable and has a velcro backing . The three jelly like pads that cover the metal parts on the belt stick directly onto the skin.  T0 get the most use out of the pads, make sure you apply the plastic backing onto each pad after use. The controller is easy to use, always start at a low intensity and then work your way up depending on what you find comfortable.  To get results from this belt consistency is king. When you first start five times a week is recommended.  It isn’t going to work if it’s sat in the box!

Mrs J’s Verdict – After one month of using Slendertone, along with regularly excercise my abs area definitely felt stronger and firmer. You are meant to use the belt for 4-6 weeks 5 times a week, then reduce gradually to a level that suits to maintain results.  Not being one to always follow the rules, I didn’t manage to stick to the first part which was 4-6 weeks as December hit and I became lazy just in time for truck loads of mulled wine and mince pies.  Whilst I didn’t manage to complete the full trial I’m determined to get started all over again.  Please note that using Slendertone on it’s own will not give you washboard abs, but as part of a balanced diet and exercise routine it will definitely tone up the ab area.  To get your hands on your own Abs pack click here.

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Mrs J xx

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