Six ways to keep your dog cool this summer!

This is a different kind of post for me but if you follow me on social media or you have met some of my furry companions in the flesh, then you will know that I’m obsessed with dogs!  This recent heatwave got me thinking and feeling more than sympathetic for my pawed friends.  As we all might be complaining about the humidity and the heat, but imagine wearing a full on fur coat in 34 degrees heat! Not ideal and not fun.  If you’re not a dog owner then you may not be aware that dogs do not actually sweat! Some do via their paw pads but in most cases, the only way they release heat is by panting away. As dog owners or dog carers, it’s our responsibility to make sure that these cute fluff balls don’t overheat or get sunstroke as it can be life threatening for them.  Now I’m no vet or self-proclaimed dog expert, these are just tips I’ve picked up along the way…

Six ways to keep your dog cool this summer

Walks – Different breeds of dogs require different amounts of exercise. Whatever your routine may be, as the weather heats up, take your dog for a walk first thing in the morning or late at night when temperatures are cooler.

Environment – Consider the environment which your dog is in. For example, do they have enough shade or access to water?  Be aware of how different surfaces react to increased temperatures (i.e. tiles and wooden floors will be cooler than carpet and paving or concrete in the garden).

Cooling those paws – If your dog likes water, then hosing them down with cool water, or having them play in a paddling pool is a good way for them to exercise and remain cool.  Or, alternatively, just dipping their paws in cool water can provide some relief.

Be prepared – If you’re out and about with your dog, then it’s probably wise to carry a travel bowl and a bottle of water in case your journey is longer than expected or  if they seem to be panting/overheating.

Grooming – Whatever your dog’s look or fur coat may be like, keeping them neat and trimmed will keep them cooler.

Accessories – Yes, we all know that some dogs look cute dressed up in a little dog jacket, etc., but think! Is this really necessary in the heat? If you already had a fur coat on, would you want to add to that?

Do you have any other doggy cooling tips?

Mrs J xx

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