Shimmer Shimmer with Boots No 7’s New Shimmer Palette

This morning on my daily commute to work I started making my holiday packing list.  Yes, you heard right “holiday packing” list! This year (all very last minute may I add) I am going away on holiday without Mr J, but with with my best friend instead.  For those of you that are married/in a relationship and are wondering how I’ve managed to wangle that, well Mr J has some very lavish Stag Do’s to attend this year so all is fair in that department.  The holiday destination … well we will keep that a secret for now, keep reading the blog and all will be reveled.

When it comes to packing, i’m an over packer.  The larger the baggage allowance – the more I’m allowed to pack.  This year with the motto that less is more I’ve started by focusing on my makeup items with dual functions as a must. Something that can bronze and create that highlighting shimmer such as Boots No7 Shimmer palette is the perfect match.

pallet 2

New No7 Shimmer Pallet

This year Boots have launched two great shimmer palettes.  Perfect for adding a natural glow to that already tanned skin or for adding a bit of well needed shimmer/ glow to skin that needs a pick me up.  The palette comes in two shades Caramel and Rose.  My palette in the pictures is Caramel which consist of more golden bronze shades. Perfect for my brown skin tone.  The palette can be used as you wish by either using a brush to apply the darker tones to your cheek bone area and then apply the lighter tones above the cheek bone area just under to eye area to lightly contour.  Or the palette can be mixted togehter with a sweep of a larger brush and dusted across the cheek bones and areas of the face that catch the sun.  The best bit is that due to its wet powder technology the colour lasts long and can be used indivually as eyeshadows on the eye area.  The perfect product for my packing dilema!

pallet 3


Mrs J’s Verdict – it’s already packed! Having used the Caramel shimmer for the past week i’m hooked.  The Shimmer is subtle yet visible in the light.  The powder applies easily not creating a powdery mess as it does and is nicely packaged in a rose gold compact with a good mirror.  This product could easily be branded as a very premium makeup range and sold for triple the price, so for £13.50 it really is a bargain.  With 3 for 2 offers across many boots ranges it may just be time to stock up!

The No7 Palettes are exclusive to Boots and

To view the New No7 Shimmer palette  for £13.50 in Caramel* click here, and in Rose click here.

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To shop click here.

Shimmer away!

Mrs J xx

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