Sea of Sisters

The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke*
It’s been a while since I read a really good book which I am quite ashamed to say.  Outside of a beach holiday there never seems to be enough Mrs J time as I have a tendency to never sit still! Different types of books serve different purposes and now I felt was the time for something more serious than some ‘chick lit’.  I needed a book that would get me gripped from the first chapter, and make me stay awake on my daily commute to work.  The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke did just that.  This is the first book that I have read by Lucy Clarke and it did not disappoint.
Moving on to the plot! The Sea Sisters is the story of two sisters (obviously from the title) Katie and Mia.  After the death of their mother, Katie (the sensible one of the two sisters) stays in London in her structured life, while adventurous and Free Spirited Mia decides to go travelling.  Months into Mia’s travels, Katie receives the devastating news that her sisters body has been found at the bottom of a cliff in Bali.  The Balinese police believe that she committed suicide. The plot at first seems almost predictable, but the clever use of the story telling through the past and present draw you in as a reader and leave you wanting to know more.  The story sees Katie retrace her sisters last few months through the use of her private journal.
What happens to Katie?
Was Mia’s death a suicide?
To follow Katie and Mia’s journey read The Sea Sisters and let me know what you think!
Mrs J xxx
Photo By: Image credit Jean Bull | Richardandjudy

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