Reformer Pilates HQ

Two months ago I decided to up my exercise game with Reformer Pilates. Signing myself up to an intensive course  (three times a week) using a machine that looks like a torture device or something out of Fifty Shades of Grey can be off putting – but how wrong was I!



So what is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a machine with a series of springs with different resistance levels, to allow for a deeper and aided stretch.

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

– It helps strengthen your core

– Helps maintain a good posture

– helps sculpture long and lean muscles

-improves flexibility

-helps with relaxation and breathing



What are Mrs J’s personal benefits?

I personally have found that my posture has improved.  I am always moaning about back pain (which Mr J can vouch for) and since doing Reformer Pilates I have noticed less pain and fewer knots in my back.  My sleeping pattern has also improved and I think that’s down to my body being more relaxed and stretched out from a day of sitting at my desk.  I have also taken early morning classes at 7am or 8am, and yes at the time it is very tempting to stay in bed, but after starting my day with a few stretches I am more focused and happier in general.  If you haven’t tried Reformer Pilates yet then I would definitely recommend it. There are different classes available throughout the day: Beginners, Intermediate, Cardio and Fat burn.  Each teacher also has a different style so if your not a reformer pro my advice would be to start with a beginners class when going to a new instructors.  Each class is also limited with a maxinum of 8-10 people for any given lesson, so you do get full attention and each posture is checked by the instructor.

There are many Reformer Pilates Studios around London.  The one I go to is Pilates HQ in Angel Islington.

So if I’ve tempted you why not check out Pilates HQ here and try one free class or sign up to the fantastic offer (as I have done):

Ten Peak Reformer Pilates Classes for £100 (at 50% off the original price)

To sign up please click here, or to book over the phone call 0207 812 1132

Please also email and let them know that you heard this offer on Mrs J, and don’t forget to ask for your free Pilates HQ cloth bag!

Mrs J xx


p.s if you already do Reformer Pilates – what benefits have you seen?

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