Preview: The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

If you were in Central London last week you may have noticed the big pink ‘Roller Lash‘ Truck pounding the streets of London.  This was used as part of the training and promo of the new Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics, launching on the 12th of February.  As with anything that Benefit Cosmetics do, the hype has been growing, so much so that when I saw the pink truck it was like I had just seen my first Christmas Coca-cola truck with Santa Claus in tow.  Now whilst my colleague refrained me from trying to break into the truck, I did manage to get my hands on a very generous sized sample of the Roller Lash Mascara courtesy of Elle Magazine (So if you want one  pre-launch then run to the shops now!)


Your probably wondering at this point.. another mascara!  Whats so special about the Roller Lash mascara that any of the other benefit mascaras such as They’re Real and BADgal Lash don’t provide?  Well the Roller Lash is being promoted around the hook ‘n’ roll tagline, set to send your eyelash curlier s straight to the bin. With a thinner, curved, rubber like feel to the wand the brush easily catches and separated the lashes, lifting and curling them from root to tip.  The Full Sized product also comes with a rubber roller style handle just like a hair roller, the main inspiration behind the name.


Not quite sold yet?  Well then here’s a few more Lash Curling details…. The curve setting formula is set to last for 12 hours, containing Provitamin B5, Serin and ingredients known for their lash conditioning benefits.  The formula is also water resistant (great for this winter weather), and apparently easy to remove!



So what’s Mrs J’s verdict?  Already considering myself to be a Benebabe in no way did I think that this new product was going to be a disaster, but what I did hold reservations over was whether I was going to be able to ditch those eyelash curlers!  After using the Roller Lash Mascara for the past few days I can say that this product really does what it says on the box.  My lashes looked and felt naturally longer with a bonus lash-curler free curl! Whilst I’m not quite ready to give up my eyelash curler just yet i’ll definitely be purchasing the Roller Lash Mascara again.  A great space saver in the ol’ makeup bag!

Tip: for a more dramatic eye look, apply a few coats of Roller Lash and line your eyes with They’re Real Push Up Liner.

As with any new product Benefit Cosmetic’s launch there comes some fantastic PR.  Last year it was the Benebar, perfectly timed around the World Cup. A haven for football lovers and pop up beauty parlour for the ladies.  This year on the 27th of February Benefit Cosmetics are opening their very own Pop-Up Parlour! Offering blowdrys, eye and brow makeovers, cocktails and a 10% off any Benefit beauty products purchased on the say. To book yourself and your friends into to the Pop-up Parlour download the app: Curl’s Best Friend

The Hook ‘n’Curl – Roller Lash Mascara will be available to purchase online from the 12th of February – click here.

To Shop the Benefit site click here.

Happy Rolling!

Mrs J xx

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