Pre-Holiday exfoliation with the African Ximenia Scrub

Happy Thursday! I start this post on a positive note as today is my last day in the office whilst I escape off with Mr J for a few days of R&R. I won’t be totally switching off (the whole digital detox is still something I’m working on). Think baby steps folks, I’m starting with just ten minutes a day with the Colouring myself calm challenge that you can read here.

Going on holiday, long or short haul, comes with its own set of rules. Not only have I got to switch off from work and pack my suitcase, but I have to start the pre-holiday ritual! Yes, there is a ritual! This ritual involves face masks, hair removal (sorry but these things need to be thought about) and exfoliation. This is all before we get to making sure my nails and feet are buffed and ready to be paraded by the poolside!

Today I’m going to share with you all the importance of exfoliation and how I have incorporated it into my weekly spa routine which, after the launch of the Spa of the World Collection by The Body Shop, has become my most lusted after pampering range of the month. You can read more about the range in my previous post here. The Spa of the World is the newest, most indulgent, luxurious and yet very affordable range that has hit our high streets in a long time. It takes traditional beauty routines from around the world and brings them bottled up as rituals for us all to try.

So why do we need to exfoliate?

Skin naturally sheds, just that we don’t see it on a daily basis being in the form of dust particles. Exfoliating once or twice a week means that dead skin is removed from the body and ingrown hairs are gently buffed away or kept at bay. The skin is stimulated and new skin growth is encouraged. It’s the perfect skin boost for pre-holiday, creating the perfect even base for a natural tan to take place. As skin is more sensitive post exfoliation, I recommend that you do this process a few days before going on holiday or in full UV exposure and drink a lot of water to hydrate the skin and most importantly, moisturise!

So what am I using to exfoliate with?



Currently I am using the African Ximenia Scrub from the The Spa of the World range. This scrub is handpicked in Nambia from what is known as the ‘Tree of Life’. This tree, Ximenia, produces fruit seeds that yield rich oil that the Nambian women use to leave their skin feeling conditioned.

Mrs J’s verdict – This creamy scrub has the perfect consistency, not too harsh on the skin or too soft to the point where you don’t feel like it’s a scrub at all. For a gentle scrub, use a generous handful amount onto damp skin and scrub in circular motions on your body. For a deeper scrub on those areas such as elbows and knees, use a pair of exfoliating gloves to place a generous amount of the Ximenia Scrub onto being repeating the scrubbing motion again. I always finish off any exfoliating routine by patting my skin dry and then hydrating with something thicker than normal creamy moisturiser and my current favourite is the Hawaiian Kuki cream! So if you’re planning a trip to sunnier climes make sure you get that pre-holiday boost and exfoliate your skin!

Mrs J’s exfoliating products:

African Ximenia Scrub £18*

Hawaiian Kuki Cream £23

Exfoliating Gloves £4

Mrs J xx

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